Alemyim Returns With New Single, ‘Hope You Do,’ From Upcoming EP

Four years after her maiden release, ‘Could I,’ singer-songwriter Alemyim has dropped her newest single ‘Hope You Do’ from her forthcoming six-track debut EP ‘in between files.’

“Songwriting allows me to make my life seem more exciting than it actually is; that’s the best part about making music for me,” voiced Alemyim.

Since her last music release, Alemyim acknowledges that her influences have expanded and concedes that discussions around production, management, and visuals have significantly matured. “I like what I like. I’m not judgmental about genres of music, and I consciously dive deeper into B-sides,” she said. “I also try to be very self-aware about what I make, and at the end of the day, it should feel authentically me.”

On ‘Hope You Do,’ Alemyim twines together a sparkling composition with heartwarming words and mellifluous vocals assembled over a soothing melody. This indie-pop tune was one of the last songs on her upcoming EP that was written by the artist, with lyrics highlighting noteworthy happenings from the past and how they influence one’s perspective in the present.


Tracing her journey and development as a musician since her first single, Alemyim remarked, “‘Could I’ was released in 2020, a pandemic year, which was collectively a very difficult year for everyone. The track was a natural reflection of that. I took some time off to work on other things, and in that process, experienced a lot of growth – both personally and professionally. So, the new release is the end result of finally knowing that I was ready to explore the songwriter part of me again.”

Plunging further into her music, Alemyim tells us that most of the songs of the impending record were written by her alone, while most of ‘Hope You Do’ was penned in the studio. “It was spending time in the studio and a willingness to try something new that resulted in it. Working with a deadline also helped with this track, it challenged me to bring out as much as I could in a short amount of time, thereby freeing myself from overthinking,” expressed the artist.

Alemyim – Hope You Do

It is common knowledge that an album’s lead single stirs up curiosity in listeners by offering a taste of the music in store and also generates early enthusiasm for its release. Alemyim speaks to this by saying, “I knew that I wanted the first single to be something that was easy listening, but somehow, that felt like the hardest thing to do initially.”

“I consciously avoided the heaviness of my first release, so I went in with zero rules while making this track. There were no rules regarding structure, lyricism, themes or genre. I played around with the idea of having a hook for this song to revolve around and it soon came to talk about that moment when we see how the dots are connected.”

Highlighting ”Hope You Do,’ Alemyim passionately sounded out, “This song is my best way of expressing my freedom of turning make-believe into song. This track is significant for me because my biggest takeaway is that as an artist, positive experiences can be just as meaningful as the hard ones.”

Alemyim’s latest tune also received an endorsement from legendary Indian composer and guitarist Ehsaan Noorani on social media.


Accurately in our exchange, Alemyim accentuated the vibrant and often overshadowed indie music scene in India’s northeast, particularly her home state of Nagaland. She declared, “The music scene in Nagaland has grown tremendously in recent times, and seeing many artists do their own thing has been very inspiring. Whichever language they sing in, whichever genre, I’ve come to respect the artistry and consistency that many of them have been maintaining.”

Giving us a glimpse into ‘in between files,’ Aleyim concluded, “The upcoming EP experiments with a variety of songwriting styles and genres, and I hope it best reflects a diversity of directions I would like to go with my music. Moving forward, I’m sure my ideas will evolve as I go on, and with good timing, I hope I can start working on new music to bring it to life soon.”

Song Credits
Written and Composed by Alemyim
Produced by ODe Studio – Tongs Kichu

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All images are courtesy of the artist.

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