TFword in Conversation With Boys’ Shorts

The talented duo dives deep into their ‘Something To Forget’ EP, which also features remixes from Phantasy Gabe Gurnsey and Roman Whitesquare.

It’s always the unplanned or unintentional collaborations that have resulted in some of the best music we’ve heard. A similar story is brewing up in Greece, where Tareq and Vangelis, who crossed paths by chance at a club in Thessaloniki, have now come together to create thought-provoking music as Boys’ Shorts.

Upon discovering their shared passion for combining their talents and visions, Boys’ Shorts burst onto the scene in 2020, forging a unique path in the realm of dance music. Their signature style encompasses a blend of slow, introspective, and pulsating grooves that are infused with elements of house, techno, and disco.

The dynamic queer duo’s sizzling style of production has reached labels like HE.SHE.THEY, Live At Robert Johnson, Polari Records, Permanent Vacation, Future Disco, and Love Child; and continuing their rich vein of form, Boys’ Shorts have returned to Berlin’s renowned imprint, Iptamenos Discos for a bouncy and energetic two-track EP – ‘Something To Forget.’

From start to finish, ‘Something To Forget’ is an engrossing cinematic adventure that showcases the singular combination of artistic vision and musical talents exhibited by Boys’ Shorts. With their captivating compositions, the EP has proven the duo’s ability to push the limits of electronic music and produce something genuinely remarkable with its compelling compositions.

The EP packs another unique punch with dramatic remixes coming from renowned producers Gabe Gurnsey and Whitesquare, who have showcased their versatility and creativity as producers, delivering remixes that have the ability to unleash a wave of positive energy on any dance floor.

We were keen to know how the whole release came about, so we reached out to Boys’ Shorts camp, and it was time for a chat.

TFword: Hey, thanks very much for taking the time to speak with us. Where are you speaking with us from?
BOYS’ SHORTS: Hi, from sunny Greece. At the moment, I (Vangelis) spend some summer days at my village in North Greece, while Tareq is enjoying the rainy London lol.

TF: Before we dive deeper, talk us through the early days of Boys’ Shorts; what and when was the pivotal moment in the inception of the duo?
BOYS’ SHORTS: There have been thoughts and even music tracks we were working on when we both moved to London ten years ago. But we had to find our way in a new city, and there was not enough time to be able to create. In 2020, during the pandemic, we had much more time to work, so we had some chats, and started working again, but this time fully focused.

TF: Big congratulations on the release of the ‘Something To Forget’ EP. The release sounds really solid. How did it come about?
It was a matter of time to work again with Iptamenos Discos after our first EP with them. At a trip in Berlin, staying at their place, we played “Something to Forget” to them and they were excited and interested to release it. So when we got back home, we started working on other tracks to include in a possible new EP. 

TF: What we love about the EP is its haunting undertone that blends so well with the intense nature of both tunes. Talk us through the creative process of the tune?
BOYS’ SHORTS: We love to blend sounds that not necessarily seem easy to combine. The idea was to create something emotional that you can listen to while you dance. We channeled the electroclash era, the rawness and the power of it, and that’s why we chose to use lyrics that could create a feeling on the dance floor. It was a great process with lots of chopped vocals and drum machines! 

TF: Of course, the remixes; two seriously brilliant reworks from Gabe Gurnsey and Whitesquare. What was it like working with them on the remixes?
BOYS’ SHORTS: We are big fans of their work. It was the two producers we initially had in mind for those tracks, and we are very happy that both of them worked with our tracks.

TF: How has the year been for Boys’ Shorts on the road?
BOYS’ SHORTS: it has been a beautiful year so far. Amongst the new cities we visited and the new people we met, we were lucky to support Alison Goldfrapp on the first leg of her UK tour, which was exciting. We just came back from a great tour in Toronto, Buffalo and New York City, and we can’t wait to party again on our future dates. 

TF: What would be Boys’ Shorts’ favorite club or festival moment?
There are so many to mention, all for different reasons, and especially with great people involved, but if we need to pick one, then it should be our first time playing at the Lab in Berghain on New Year’s Eve.

TF: What do Boys’ Shorts have in the tank for the rest of 2024?
In terms of music, a new EP is on the way, some exciting remixes for friends and loved producers and some tracks on amazing compilations. And we are also very excited for our first tour on the West Coast after the summer.

The ‘Something To Forget’ EP is available on all digital and streaming platforms as well as 12″ vinyl.

Follow Boys’ Shorts on: Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud

Follow Boys’ Shorts on: Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud

Follow Iptamenos Discos on: Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud

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