Kamakshi Khanna Pours Her Heart Out on New Sophomore EP

On ‘Heartbreak 2020,’ Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Kamakshi Khanna adds a fresh take to accounts of fleeting friendships, awkward dates, and unanswered love via two new tracks that serve as a poignant exploration of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

Plugged in with previously released singles ‘Love Is Not A F*cking Game’ and ‘I Blew It!’ Kamakshi Khanna submits new compositions ‘Tourist’ and ‘Heartbreak 2020,’ stitched together based on her experiences in her twenties. The EP calls back and also draws inspiration from Khanna’s online lockdown series, The Green Room Sessions, which sheds light on her creative process at her home studio setup.

“The name of the EP is a wordplay on ‘Hindsight 2020,’ symbolizing the full knowledge and complete understanding that comes only after an event has occurred,” said Kamakshi. “I had the privilege of working with incredible producers who helped me find my voice and sound as an artist. I cannot wait to share more about taking this music live in ways I’ve always dreamt of.”

Synth-ladled ‘I Blew It!’ unfurls out the EP with its upbeat, pop-rock-esque soundscape, followed by arguably one of the highlights of the record, which is ‘Love Is Not A F*cking Game.’ The track is elevated by its outstanding music video, filmed by director Vasudha Rungta with animations courtesy of visual artists Rahul Unadkat and Crispin Cardoz.

Directed by Vasudha Rungta

‘Tourist,’ first glimpsed in 2021 with Kamakshi performing this track across multiple locations with a ukulele in hand, takes an amicable shift in production. It is furnished with gloomy sonics and light percussion, presenting a harmonious finger-snapping melody. Glistening vocals convey the lyrics’ sincerity, candidness, and passion.

The record’s concluding track, ‘Heartbreak 2020,’ sees the vocalist passionately sing out, “I don’t wanna grow alone / build a home alone / I don’t mind the bleeding as long as our love’s not fleeting,” over an effervescent indie-pop tune peppered by echoing horn segments by musician Abhay Sharma and polished vocal harmonies.

Kamakshi Khanna – ‘Heartbreak 2020

Speaking about the release and breaking down each track, Kamakshi said, “Writing ‘Heartbreak 2020’ was a deeply personal journey for me. The EP is an honest account of the various experiences in my life I came across post my teenage years, charting a path from the anxious jitters of an initial crush in ‘I Blew It!’ to the roaring anger of betrayal in ‘Love Is Not a F*cking Game’’ and the bittersweet acceptance in ‘Tourist.'”

“The title track, ‘Heartbreak 2020’, ties the EP together, conveying the understanding that each heartbreak, no matter its magnitude, brings you closer to what’s meant for you. It reflects a hopeful state of mind and a manifestation to find a partner to build the life of your dreams with,” she explained further.

Kamakshi Khanna will be seen performing live at the inaugural Sad Girls Happy Hours brunch experience in Bandra, Mumbai, on July 28, with singer-songwriter Mali and stand-up comedian Urooj Ashfaq also set to feature.

EP Credits:
Composed by: Kamakshi Khanna
Lyrics: Kamakshi Khanna
Produced by: Pranay Parti, Kamakshi Khanna, Anhad Khanna, Raag Sethi
Mixed by: Keshav Dhar, Anhad Khanna, Protyay Chakraborty
Mastered by: Shawn Hatfield, Mukul Jain
Live Instrumentation by: Karun Kannampilly, Adil Kurwa, Sounak Saha, Jyotirmay Menon, Kandarp Kavishwar, Abhay Sharma

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