Drum & Bass head with a tinge of hip shake for Disco. A DJ when I am not glued to my screen!176 Articles

All things Arts & Culture, novel and elusive. Editor at The Ticket Fairy. (She/Her)153 Articles

Arc Incomplete123 Articles

A singer, rapper and musician from Mumbai, India and host at Ticket Fairy (India), I've worked in the music business for over 7 years now, specialising in music marketing, public relations, social media, event management, hospitality and stage management.83 Articles

Fragmented reveries, scribbled quotes in foreign languages, ink-stained fingers, and cautious doodles in my journal; I believe in "nihil sub sole novum" —there is nothing new under the sun— so I write to better what exists.56 Articles

A touring Sound Engineer, Stage Manager, multi-genre Music Producer and Drummer with a passion for writing about music and tech and the drama surrounding it all!55 Articles

The journey of my musical career has led me to become a producer, DJ, and writer. Listening to music and exploring its roots is something I enjoy deeply. As an artist with many influences, I developed my artist aliases with Smg and kSaya, exploring the deepest and most definitive sounds of electronic music, which I am now translating.45 Articles

Writer, musician and always covered in stray fur. When I'm not tapping away at a keyboard, you'll find me attending to meows and woofs.24 Articles

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