Looking for Eventbrite Alternatives for your Event Ticketing System?

Ticket Fairy helps promoters sell 20% more tickets for their event.

How? First and foremost, we have our own built-in marketing system. This means, we help you to market your event to those who are most interested, meaning more ticket sales. The best part? It’s easy.

So, you’ve used Eventbrite before, but want an alternative? You've come to the right place! TICKETFAIRY isn't just an alternative to Eventbrite, we combine multiple systems all into one, easy to use event management platform. Ticket Fairy is so much more than simple event ticketing!

We are more than just a place to sell tickets online. We give you the tools to help to make your event successful and stand out against your competitors.

Ticket Fairy was created by event promoters FOR event promoters. Are you an Event Manager? Are you an Event Promoter? Are you looking for a custom event? We can help you on your way to boost ticket sales by incentivising your customers to market your event for you. Whether you’re a pro at running events, or it’s your first one, we have designed our platform to be user-friendly, every step of the way.

Our Independent Ticketing Platform offers payment processing for your ticket sales and event registration (with daily payouts if you sell tickets using Stripe), and helps with secure ticket resale (protecting your customers from scalping and fake ticket fraud). We are here for all of your event management needs, including digital marketing, incentivised rewards, and much, much more.

We even handle all your customer service enquiries!

Our aim of the game is to make the whole process more seamless, easy, efficient and profitable. We help you through the entire process to ensure your event runs exactly how you want it, from selling event tickets, through to running the event on the day.

If you've used an online ticketing platform like Eventbrite before, you'll find it super easy to create your next event on TICKETFAIRY. You can probably even do it with your eyes closed, it’s that straightforward!

Our all-in-one, easy-to-use TICKETFAIRY Dashboard gives you:

Customizable event types

We have specific features for a wide range of event types such as festivals, concerts, fundraising/charity events, small gigs, and even esports tournaments, designed for tens of thousands of attendees. With TICKETFAIRY, the world is your oyster!

A dashboard that’s already answered your questions

All the data you need? It’s there. A designated customizable spot for pre-registration and pre-sale? We got you. A straightforward page to enter all of your event details, and imagery? Done. Guest ticket, promotions or discounts? We’ve got that too! A lot of the time, our clients find out that we already have the answer to the question they have - it’s already built into our user-friendly dashboard. Win-win!

Real time reporting and data

Reporting tools to track both online ticket sales and box office sales. You can see where your customers are coming from, meaning you can market to certain ticket-holders, demographics, people who have pre-registered. Data capturing for your events means that marketing becomes that much easier, and much more targeted. You can even see tickets in carts! About to go on sale? Put your feet up, and watch the numbers grow in real-time as your event is live.

Beautiful event pages

Create event pages in minutes, with no code required. It can be as easy as copying and pasting from your website! You can make your event page look as snazzy as you like, with customizable backgrounds, logos, imagery, and text. You can even add your own FAQ area specifically for your event. Our team are also here to help wherever needed to make your event look fantastic, and help to boost ticket sales.

Access to knowing your customers

Detailed information about your event attendees, which comes in handy for marketing! You can see where your customers are coming from, and who they are. This information is yours too, meaning you can use it for future events. At any time, your event data is there to download, at the click of a button. Your event database is owned by you. The information you get on the backend about your users is key for targeted marketing!

A way to promote your event

Ticket Fairy gives you innovative features to promote your event and spend less on marketing, which we know is usually a huge cost. We like to help you to target the right audience, meaning you’re not wasting your time or money on pointless ads, and marketing with no return.We also have our own inbuilt messaging system, where you can choose who you want to target; holders of specific ticket types, all pre-registered attendees etc. We even give you the option to upload your own database for this. You can create your own email templates and save these to make the process easier, and schedule your EDM’s to go out when you want them to.

We also have our own inbuilt messaging system, where you can choose who you want to target; holders of specific ticket types, all pre-registered attendees etc. We even give you the option to upload your own database for this. You can create your own email templates and save these to make the process easier, and schedule your EDM’s to go out when you want them to.

One place for the whole team

With multiple permission levels, everyone in your team has access to what they need. We are talking event owners, all the way to event staff. You can choose the level of access you want to give your staff, meaning your data, and finances, are protected. This includes influencers, event marketers, door staff… Whatever you need!

Access to managing your budgets and logistics

Want a straightforward, interactive way to see how many tickets you’ve sold, how much money you’ve made, and a full breakdown of your event? We make it easy to manage budgets and on-site logistics instead of needing to use spreadsheets. Woohoo!

Unlimited landing pages

Create different landing pages for different audiences and campaigns. This means you can target different audiences. We’ve said it before, but if you want a custom event, Ticket Fairy has got you. You can have different event pages for different genres within your event, targeting customers that are swayed to a certain event type. You can have the same event in multiple languages, which caters to a wider audience.

$200m+ of tickets sold, for thousands of events, all over the world!

Mayan Warrior TwitchCon
Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
Group RosaNegra, Mexico Northern Bass, New Zealand Rakastella, Miami Mia Beach Club by Selina, Tulum The Surf Lodge, Montauk Soundtuary Sun and Bass, Sardinia Kazbah LOCUS Rhythm and Alps, New Zealand Monstercat, Canada Audiology, New Zealand LooLoo, CDMX George FM, New Zealand Krunk, India
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Gareth Popham - Music Festival Owner, Northern Bass (10,000 Capacity)

“We decided to swap to TICKETFAIRY 4 years ago after nearly 10 years with the same ticket provider, due to their vastly superior technology and innovation when it comes to the marketing of tickets.

The information you can get out of the backend on your ticket purchasers is also second to none.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes TICKETFAIRY a top Eventbrite alternative?

TICKETFAIRY is an all-in-one event management platform that offers more than just ticketing. It provides a range of features for event planners, including event registration, event data analysis, and a comprehensive event management app. It's an ideal solution for both online and in-person events. We cater to both the client (you!) and the customer, giving everyone an easy, seamless, and fun experience. Obviously, the goal is to help you to boost ticket sales, and sell more tickets online.

How does the event registration process work with TICKETFAIRY?

The event registration process with TICKETFAIRY is a simple and efficient Eventbrite alternative. We offer online event registration software that allows attendees to secure their spot at your event quickly and easily. This includes both free tickets and paid events.

All they have to do is enter their name and email, and they are registered. At this point, they are then encouraged to get their friends and family to also register, resulting in a bigger audience for you, at no cost! You can incentivize this with our prewards system, which gives customers points for various actions, such as sharing your event to their social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. You can award the customers that have the most points with prizes, which incentivizes them even more. The best part is that you have full control over this. You choose the prizes, the points, and the actions you want them to do. Easy!

What kind of events can I manage with TICKETFAIRY?

TICKETFAIRY is versatile and can handle a variety of events. Whether you're organizing local events, large scale events, live events, or even hybrid events that combine in-person and virtual elements, our platform has the tools you need. Many event planners trust us for their event planning needs. Got a small gig? Easy. A yoga retreat? We can do it. A large concert? Done. Festival? Perfect. You name it, we can help with it! That’s the best part of an Independent Ticketing Platform!

Does TICKETFAIRY offer solutions for event ticketing?

Yes, TICKETFAIRY is a robust ticket management system. We handle everything from selling tickets to managing ticket fees. We even offer solutions for recurring events and can handle the unique needs of theater tours and theater performances.

Can TICKETFAIRY help with event marketing?

Absolutely. TICKETFAIRY is more than just an Eventbrite alternative; it's a comprehensive event management platform, created for people in the event industry. We offer tools to streamline lead gathering and robust reporting features to help you understand your audience. We also integrate with social media tools to help you reach a wider audience. On top of that, we have built our own messaging system designed to target your customers - and you can filter this down to your needs.

What are the benefits of using TICKETFAIRY for in-person events?

For in-person events, TICKETFAIRY offers a range of features to ensure a successful event. This includes secure payment processing, the ability to charge ticket fees, and tools to manage physical event logistics. We also offer solutions for hybrid events, combining in-person and online elements. We also have our own scanning system, to make the whole check-in process as seamless as possible.

How does TICKETFAIRY handle ticketing for virtual events and Zoom events?

For Zoom events, TICKETFAIRY integrates seamlessly with the platform. Attendees sign up through our system, and we handle the ticketing pages and registration. This makes it easy for you to manage your event data and focus on hosting a successful event.

What makes TICKETFAIRY a good Eventbrite alternative for event planners?

Many event planners and event organizers choose TICKETFAIRY because we offer all the tools they need in one place, sometimes before they have even had the thought themselves! From event registration to ticket management, marketing tools, and even features like Soapbox Events integration, we have everything you need to plan and execute a successful event.

How does TICKETFAIRY handle ticket fees?

TICKETFAIRY offers a transparent and fair approach to ticket fees. Whether you're offering free tickets or charging for admission, we provide clear information about all fees upfront. This includes any additional percentage fee that may apply. We even have options on how you want to show your fees to customers, which you have full control of.

What support does TICKETFAIRY offer for event management?

TICKETFAIRY offers comprehensive support for event management. Our platform includes features for managing both online registration and in-person logistics. We are one of the most robust Eventbrite alternatives to help you find the best and most fully customizable solution for your event. We know how stressful organizing events can be, so we want to help to make it as seamless as possible for you and your team.

How do you compare to the many Eventbrite alternatives like Ticket Tailor?

We have all the other features that most ticketing platforms do, but also have heavy focus on helping you to sell tickets and optimize efficiency. Think of us as having your cake, and eating it too! Who doesn't like cake?!

How do I check in attendees?

We have a free ticket scanning app called Entry Fairy. It’s very easy to use, and gives you live data that feeds through to your event dashboard. We designed it to make the scan-in process as quick and efficient as possible, meaning less queues at the gate, tracking of who has scanned who in, and therefore happy customers!

Can I integrate my Facebook pixel?

Absolutely! This only takes a couple of clicks.

What if I need help?

We completely get that events can be a high-stress environment. We have a designated support team for both clients (event promoters, event organizers, event owners etc), and customers. Our team always have their finger on the pulse, and are there to help with any of your needs, as quickly as they can. We also have Account Managers who help you out from start to finish, with any questions you may have.

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