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Stripe is a trusted payment gateway and merchant account used by millions of businesses worldwide

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PCI compliant payment gateway, so you can rest assured that your customers' payment details are safe and secure

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You can accept payments in multiple ways, including credit/debit cards, Afterpay/Clearpay, and more

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Stripe has fast payouts, often daily, so you can get paid out quickly before your event

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Frequently Asked Questions for Event Organizers

Ticket Fees and Pricing

Who pays for your ticket fee?

In most cases, this is paid for by the ticket buyer, but you can optionally choose to absorb it instead. We keep the service fee per ticket reasonable for your ticket buyers, unlike most of the event ticketing industry. The ticket fee percentage depends on your ticket price, and includes the cost of credit card processing.

Do you charge for free events?

No, we do not. There is no cost for free events - it's a totally free event ticketing system. We only charge if you are selling a paid ticket or an NFT token-gated ticket.

Who pays the payment processor fee for Stripe payments?

The Stripe payment gateway fees for processing payments are included in the Ticket Fairy service fee that's added to each ticket, so the ticket buyer covers these processing costs. There is no cost to event organizers.

Do you charge for issuing guest tickets?

There is no charge for issuing guest tickets. These are free tickets and are not subject to any ticket fee.

Payments and Payout of Ticket Revenue

I need cashflow for my festival. Can I get regular payouts?

Yes, absolutely. Combining Stripe with our festival ticketing software is the best way to maximize your festival's tickdt sales and cashflow.

How do event payments work and when do I get my ticket revenue?

If you connect your own Stripe account, you get daily payouts from Stripe directly, getting your exact ticket price / face value into your bank account. Just add your bank details in Stripe's dashboard. You don't pay the Stripe credit card processing fee. It's paid for from the ticket fees that ticket buyers pay. If you choose to use Ticket Fairy payment processing, we pay you 10-15 business days after your event. We also supprt other payment gateways like RazorPay in India and Xendit in Indonesia.

What makes the payment gateway within your event ticketing software reliable?

We partner with trusted payment gateway providers, such as Stripe, Adyen, Razorpay and Xendit, ensuring your transactions are secure and smooth when you sell tickets. The processing fee for each payment gateway is included in the overall ticket service fee, and does not cut into your ticket face value, unless you choose to absorb it.

Can I sell event tickets at the door?

Yes, we integrate with Stripe Terminal card readers for door sales, with full financial reporting in our dashboard, showing how many onsite ticket sales you had vs online ticket sales.

Can I receive online payments into my PayPal account?

No, you must use a supported payment integration like Stripe.

Can I offer payment plans to my customers?

Yes, we use Stripe Subscriptions to power our payment plans functionality.

Are there any setup fees or monthly fees?

No, there is only a service/booking fee added to each ticket that the ticket buyer pays, which includes the Stripe payment processing fee. There are no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Event Page Customization, Custom Branding, and Event Website Integration

What level of customization do you provide?

You can upload custom backgrounds and headers to customize your event page, collect custom information using data capture fields and configure many different features from our event management dashboard.

Can I sell tickets on my own website or mobile apps?

We have a white label event ticketing system that allows the entire ticket buying experience to happen on your event website or in your mobile app, taking on your own look and feel. Your attendees will be able to buy tickets in the same place as all your other event content. Book a demo with our team to discuss how.

Virtual Events

Do you support virtual events?

Yes, we have full support for online events. Contact our support team if you need help with setting up a streaming server.

Event Ticketing Features

Do you support add ons?

Yes, you can define add ons that will be presented to your ticket buyers once they have chosen the ticket type they want to buy.