A Short Tale of John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’

With the arrival of the novel coronavirus, the year 2020 has quickly become one that may go down in history. COVID-19’s rampant spread took over the world, restraining people within their homes, affecting businesses and livelihoods both large and small. Three months in and counting, a mass realization and requirement for entertaining content has begun to take shape. As consumers binged their third Netflix show in a row, eyes squinting in their dimly lit bedrooms, a beacon of hope (and perhaps some much-needed light) emerges in the form of John Krasinski’s YouTube mini-series Some Good News. Playing the lead in Amazon’s Jack Ryan, writer and director of A Quiet Place and The Office’s heartthrob, Krasinski reminds us that there is still Some Good News around the world, and we’re here for it!

Some Good News started at a time when the world was still adjusting to a pandemic-hit society, with people across the globe (including Krasinski) self-isolating as a precaution against contracting and/or carrying the coronavirus.
The show’s first episode was released during the later part of March, 2020, on YouTube, making it easily available for viewers, free of charge. Recorded in his house, boasting a wholesome ‘SGN’ sign (painted by Krasinski’s children), sat John Krasinski himself, all smiles. He went on to announce the debut of Some Good News, a commendable attempt at bringing some more happiness into the world. His motive behind the show was crystal clear, with the selection of news each episode featured. The main, running theme was Krasinski’s continued gratitude towards front-line workers, with Krasinski displaying footage of some of their selfless deeds. He also displayed clips of people gathering unanimously to shower love, respect and praise towards these front-line workers.

In addition to newscasts, John Krasinski made it his mission to fulfill the students’ wishes to attend their Proms and Graduation ceremonies. Turning their rooms into a make-believe prom venues, John and the students were entertained by surprise performances from Chance the rapper, Jonas brothers, and Billie Eilish. Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Jon Stewart, and Malala graced the graduation ceremony, motivating the new graduates as they stepped into the real world.

The extent to which Some Good News managed to keep the audience’s attention never fell short, with cameo’s from some of Hollywood’s favorites – Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone. These cameos only further added weight to John’s attempt at truly make a positive impact. From a virtual Broadway performance of ‘Alexander Hamilton by the original cast of Hamilton, guest appearances of renowned chefs such as Martha Stewart, Guy Fieri, David Chang, & Stanley recreating fan’s potluck recipes, to the remake of the nostalgic Jim and Pam wedding from ‘The Office’ with the entire cast, Some Good News managed to deliver the best amidst the worst.

However, following the release of Episode 8, John took to Twitter, announcing ViacomCBS’s purchase of Some Good News, which left the audience in understandably surprised. For the last couple of months, SGN was perhaps the only source of remembrance of better times. If there is one thing every viewer can agree on, its that Some Good News achieved what it intended to do, masterfully, while it lasted.


Featured Image Via Some Good News Youtube

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