New Zealand Artist MCK Releases Second Single ‘Better’

Singer and songwriter MCK from Auckland, New Zealand, released a brand-new single Better’ with Auckland-based emerging producer and singer Wells* (Josh Naley) on October 2. Pop ballad ‘Better’ is the second single from her upcoming EP ‘Hot Sounds’ set to be released later this year.

MCK, aka McKenzie Comer, has taken pride in crafting real-life experiences and stories into her lyrics candidly. In ‘Better,’ MCK talks about straying away from a relationship with an ideologically different person, and no attempts to ‘stay and figure it out’ would mend the relationship. 

MCK and Wells* harmonize, “We’re both better when we’re not together, now,” highlighting the climatic end by letting the other person go. The song, with its catchy and mellow beats, presents a dynamic blend of the artists’ voices.

Talking about the inspiration behind the song, MCK says, “I remember talking to you (Josh) about past relationships, and you were saying how good it felt when you finally actually let go of something… and I was like, I have definitely felt the same. Like, I felt like I couldn’t leave something, but once you did, it was so much better.” 

Better’ is followed by her first single Muse,’ which is also produced by Wells*. In early 2020, she put out her self-produced debut EP titled ‘Confessions’ after a four-year hiatus from music. 

MCK was discovered online at 13, who then recorded music and toured internationally as a teenage star under her full name. She paused her flourishing career when she was 16 to meliorate her skills as a musician, and returned under a rebranded title – MCK. 


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