TF Picks: Fresh Music Releases You Can’t Miss (#3)

With so much new music coming out everyday, we thought we’d help you pick up a few fresh music releases from the last week that you shouldn’t miss. We have compiled a list of music from various styles, genre no bar. Keep watching this space for your weekly dose of fresh music!


Ahmer – ‘Saladin’ (Prod. By GNRS) [Single]

Hard-hitting lines in Hindi and Kashmiri from Srinagar-based Azadi Records’ artist Ahmer in his new drop ‘Saladin’. Not mincing words at all, he speaks about the narrow lens through which his community is viewed throughout the world. Acknowledging his responsibility as a member of the Kashmiri community, he establishes that his voice will no longer be silenced by the powers that be. You can hear slandering chants of loud vocal displays of hatred in the outro, taken from a recent communal incident that was all over the news.


Takar Nabam – Good Night [Single]

A cozy laid back song with some lo-fi undertones from singer-songwriter Takar Nabam, ‘Good Night’ is an anthem for those sleepless nights spent waiting for the message from a loved or lost one. Amidst the impatient insecurities creeping in, you come to terms that the battle is lost. The song is produced and mixed by Andy Dollerson (New York) and Jake Owen (London) of, a remote music production enterprise, and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studios, New York.


Nas – King’s Disease II [Album]

Veteran New York rapper Nas released his 13th studio album earlier this month. This is a follow-up to his previous album ‘King’s Disease’, released in August 2020. More mature and focused than ever before, Nas has received major critical acclaim for this new album. Primarily produced by Hit-Boy (who has made some chartbusters with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Drake and more), it has a host of featuring artists such as Eminem, Lauryn Hill, rap duo EPMD and more.


DeMyth – Devi ft. Wwoolfy [Single]

Straight out of the Mumbai underground, following two releases with her hip-hop crew Wild Wild Women, this 18-year young and conscious female rapper DeMyth (Driti Panchmatia) released the single ‘Devi’. A term across multiple Indian languages, the word ‘Devi’ means Goddess and the young MC wants to tell every woman out there that they should feel and treat themselves as goddesses, love themselves, and feel like royalty, no matter what all they go through in this predominantly patriarchal society.


Arrows – To Your World ft. Raghav Meattle [Single]

A feel-good indie rock/pop single by Arrows, the moniker of David Britto, a journalist, and songwriter. This collaborative song has singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle on vocal duties supported by harmonizing backing vocalists Riya Duggal, Blake D’Silva and Joel Padikkal. Another young musician Yohanan D’Souza has produced and played electric guitar with the talented Brent Tauro on keyboards. Altogether, this is one of those morning songs that can get you in a great mood for the day ahead.


Lizzo – Rumors ft. Cardi B [Single]

Highlighting how the uptight world of social media keeps reacting to her posts and statements on body positivity and being yourself, Lizzo teams up with superstar Cardi B to release ‘Rumors’. The groovy production is deep-bass synth-heavy and has glorious horn sections to elevate Lizzo’s not-so-subtle proverbial slap to all her haters. The epic video directed by Tanu Muino has Lizzo and Cardi B in the form of Greek goddesses and has dancers twerking and grooving in what appears to be a simulation of heaven.


OAFF x Kayan – So Good [Single]

The second collaboration between OAFF (Kabeer Kathpalia) and Kayan (Ambika Nayak) after their 2020 song ‘Heavy Headed’. ‘So Good’ is an easy-listening ambient pop single with the smoothly textured vocal timbre that Kayan is now known for in her solo music, as well as with her electro-pop band Nothing Anonymous. The classy music video shows a prospective transitional phase between relationships and a reflection about going back to the previous painful state, which is worth it because it may just be “So Good”.


Shadaj – Sarfaroshi [Single]

On the occasion of India’s Independence Day (15th Aug.), Lucknow band Shadaj released a modern musical recreation of the renowned classic poem “Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna” by Bismil Azeemabadi, which was later popularized and modified by Ram Prasad Bismil. The song is essentially a celebration of the contributions made by every Indian citizen who strives to do better every day, on a grass-root, personal level, to make the country a great place to live in.


Digital Mystikz – CR7 Chamber [Single]

Known as one of the earliest originators of dubstep, the deep, dark and meditative genre simply wouldn’t exist without Mark Lawrence, aka Mala. Mala’s DMZ label was responsible for giving Dubstep fans some of its stone-cold classics. This track goes back to the time when Mala was sat in his bedroom, carving his sounds before Dubstep became a global genre. Now after 16 years, the Croydon-based phenomenon has re-issued his back catalog digitally for the 1st time on his Bandcamp. This compilation includes tracks that have been sitting in his project folder for more than a decade. ‘CR7 Chamber’ has Mala’s personality written all over it through the track’s crunchy basslines and eerie atmospherics.


&LEZ feat. Nomvula SA – Qondisa (Original Mix)

Bringing his Deep and Tech House vibes to his full-throttle Afro House, Italo-Albanian DJ and producer &LEZ has been at the forefront of producing absorbing festival-size Afro heaters. He has made it a habit to have his music in the Top 10 selling tracks of the labels that he releases in. For his latest release, ‘Qondisa’ which means guide or drive in Zulu, &LEZ has teamed up with talented South African vocalist Nomvula and driven us into an effusive hyperdrive full of percussive elements and climatic Afro rhythms.


Lost Frequencies – Where Are You Now [Single]

When Lost Frequencies makes music, all you have to do is sit back and admire because nobody does it better than the Belgian. With just his first release, Lost Frequencies hit multi-platinum status while reaching #1 spot in 18 countries and he became the first Belgian artist to hit #1 in the UK. ‘Where Are You Now’ is a signature Lost Frequencies track which brings his slow-sweeping melodies and shimmering synths to the fore that eventually rise with British singer-songwriter Calum Scott’s profound vocals. Another potential classic from the Belgian maestro.


Bakey – Vibing Season ft. Slay [Single]

Taking his peculiar album artworks along with his smashing releases, Bakey has had a successful year so far after sharing studios and releasing music with the likes of Sam Binga and Breaka. For his 6th release in just under 8 months, Bakey has returned to Time Is Now Records for a sizzling 5-track EP ‘Bring It Back’. ‘Vibing Season’, which is our pick from the EP, is a moody UKG banger that has the clever and pacey vocals of Slay.


Alix Perez – Empty Words [Single]

The undisputed king of murky rhythms and distorted basslines, Alix Perez returned to his label 1985 Music with a Drum & Bass track for the first time since the ‘Without End EP’ in 2020 for two weighty low-end rollers. ‘Empty Words’ comes as a reaction to the state of oppression and the voices that Governments are trying to suppress by turning their backs on culture and arts.


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