Krunk Kulture’s Flavours Of The East Launch Party

Leading the modern-day movement of India’s Bass music culture, Mumbai-based Krunk collective have been one of the most influential promoters in the country’s music scene. Starting in 2008 and led by Sohail Arora, Krunk have been responsible for landing some of the biggest names in the wider spectrum of electronic music.

As EZ Riser, Sohail Arora was a member of the Bay Beat Collective with Kris Correya that was pushing high-voltage grooves throughout clubs in India. Despite the Bay Beat Collective project coming to an end, Sohail Arora continued his expeditions as EZ Riser, and along with the sounds that he championed, he took the artists that he believed in through his Krunk collective, who have now become the crème de la crème of India’s alternative music culture.

After spending more than a decade promoting artists across the country, Krunk decided to switch things up and from a label that will aim to bring electronic music from the country and other parts of the Eastern world.

This idea gave birth to Krunk Kulture in 2020, a Mumbai-based label with a penchant for forward-thinking and cutting edge electronic & dance music that will bring artists from India & the Eastern Beyond.

To kick things off, Krunk Kulture released the ‘Kaala Khatta – Flavours Of The East’ compilation in August 2020 featuring music from India and guests from countries like Nepal, Japan & the US. Kaala Khatta brought artists like Oceantied, OX7GEN, Nikki Nair, Zokhuma, Film, Nikki Nair, Daisuke Tanabe, and Sohail Arora himself through his Rafiki alias for an extensive 15-track album.


Following the success of ‘Kaala Khatta’, Krunk Kulture delivered ‘Ganga Jamuna’ and ‘Thandai’  that followed a similar pattern of taking taking music from India and the Eastern side of the globe the rest of the world.

Krunk Kulture is now set to release their 4th expedition from their ‘Flavours Of The East’ Series called ‘Jaljeera’ which will be released on the 29th of October. The 21-track ‘Jaljeera’ compilation will feature Arjun Vagale, Oceantied, Tokyo-based Sintaro Fujita, Monophonik, Blurry Slur, Func’s new alias Blitch, Rafiki himself, and many more.

But this time, Krunk Kulture decided to mark the long-overdue launch of ‘Flavours Of The East’ Series by bringing Oceantied, Monophonik, noni-mouse, Maddeof, and BLITCH for a showcase at antiSocial in Mumbai. We attended the ‘Jaljeera – Flavours of the East Launch Party’ to witness label regulars like Oceantied, noni-mouse and others for their live and DJ showdowns.

Maddeof, a Mumbai-based producer who is known for experimenting with different sounds and tempos kicked things off with an engaging set packed with mind-numbing Techno numbers. He carried the hypnotic vibe of his set and laid the foundations for noni-mouse to take things forward.

noni-mouse picked up the mood of the place immaculately by dishing out a live set with intricate layering that featured flashes of organic elements that shapeshifted between House and breakbeat music.

Func brought his new alias, BLITCH to the decks and flicked the switch with a powerful DJ set of some astral and high-energy numbers and set it up perfectly for Monophonik to crunch it up further.

Monophonik, who likes to play with analog sounds in the 120 and 130 BPM space, delivered a surreal live set that exemplified his brand of complex meta-morphing music. He ended the set perfectly by playing a steaming edit of Chase & Status’ International.

Oceantied who was a part of Krunk Kulture’s debut release, closed the night with a mesmerizing DJ set full of magical sounds right from the first minute, doing justice to the cross-continental style of music that he is known for.

Encompassing such a wide array of styles and genres, Krunk Kulture are just getting started; and if you are into any form of electronic music from the Indian subcontient, you wouldn’t want to miss what the label is gunning to deliver in the coming future.

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