TF Picks: Fresh Music Releases You Can’t Miss (#15)

With so much new music coming out every day, we thought we’d help you pick up a few fresh music releases from the last week that you shouldn’t miss. We have compiled a list of music from various styles, genre no bar. Keep watching this space for your weekly dose of fresh music!

Limp Bizkit – STILL SUCKS [Album]

It seems like age has caught up with Limp Bizkit, but in a very good way! The heavy riffing backed by fat bass and bouncy drum grooves and teasing vocals (taken more seriously than before) – essential parts of the band’s sound are still present within the new texture of sound that is ‘STILL SUCKS’. You get the idea that the band has embraced their age with Fred Durst taking on the new yet old ‘Dad Vibes’ look. Starting off with absolute chug-y heaviness and whammy-ing riff from genius guitar player Wes Borland, the opening song ‘Out of Style’ gets straight to business. Within the dynamic shifts between songs which shift from riff-heavy to old school hip-hop beats to acoustic guitar oriented, Fred Durst seems to be more comfortable displaying his melodic side, which sounds a tad bit emotional in a couple of songs like ‘Don’t Change’ and ‘You Bring Out The Worst In Me’. All in all, you can expect a combination of what the Bizkit has been about since their heyday (‘Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water’) to more recent albums (‘Gold Cobra’), with a twist that we can describe as acquired taste.

Porcupine Tree – Harridan [Single]

British progressive powerhouse Porcupine Tree, who have been missed by the progressive music community, after a 12-year-long break from their last double-album ‘The Incident’ from 2009, dropped the first single ‘Harridan’ and announced the date of their upcoming long-awaited 11th studio album – ‘Closure / Continuation’, releasing on 24th June, 2022. Their sonic signature, which can only be identified and described as truly Porcupine Tree, is the anchor of the combined work of Steven Wilson, Gavin Harrison and Richard Barbieri. Playing in various other projects, they have been working behind the scenes over the last few years to get the whole album together, and we can’t wait for more singles to see how these amazing musicians have evolved.

Hanumankind – Skyline (Prod. By Kalmi) [Single]

Known for hard lines and smart politically infused word play, Hanumankind takes a different laid-back approach in his new single ‘Skyline’, produced by regular collaborator Kalmi, who has notably made one his previous releases ‘Genghis’. The accompanying video, directed by Bijoy Shetty who also directed his last release ‘Damnson’, which looks like it’s one-shot, sees the rapper chilling on a terrace witnessing a distant sunset and relaxedly sipping some scotch from a decanter, surrounded by friends in parts. Low tempo, mini-percussive fills, lo-fi drums, soft pad and piano melodies and Hanumankind’s sung chorus open a new dimension to his music. Looking forward to more from him, always.

Mastodon – Hushed and Grim [Album]

Over the years, Mastodon has carved a niche for themselves, combining brash loudness and sweet melody, whether musically or vocally. ‘Hushed and Grim’ is the pinnacle of this trademark sound, taking it to new heights, with intricately crafted assaulting drum rolls and syncopated guitar attack. But what’s more refreshing is the use of drummer Brann Dailor’s beautiful singing voice, lifting the vibe of the record as a result. This, their 8th studio album, also probably one of the more progressive ones and length-wise their longest album yet at 86.30 minutes, serves as a tribute to the band’s late manager Nick John, who passed away in 2018. ‘Pain With An Anchor’ kicks the album off melodically but transcends into a heavy angsty ending. The album reflects the stages of grief and also reflects the on the soul’s journey after death. Instead of calling it self-indulgent, one could say that there is unadulterated display of emotions and complete honesty in the songwriting. We’d recommend listening to the entirety of the album in its prescribed order, taking a nice one and half hour break from life. True art.

RANJ x Clifr – Mutual [Single]

Bangalore based singer RANJ and producer Clifr drop a modern trap bass meets R&B single ‘Mutual’, following the latter’s previous release ‘Restless’ (with Tintin and Bebhumika). The song thematically is a haunting, bittersweet take on a fading love. The accompanying video, directed by Lendrick Kumar (known for his previous work with Hanumankind and more recently Tribe Mama Marykali), shows the two artists playing roles of a couple in a relationship experiencing torment and despair with each other, backed up by some amazing editing work, finally agreeing to call it quits and leaving each other, mutually agreeing that it’s not going to work out.

Whitechapel – Kin [Album]

Transformational – the word that describes Whitechapel’s music since the release of their previous album ‘The Valley’ from 2019. Continuing on that very path, but now with a more seasoned and mature approach to songwriting and composition, their latest album ‘Kin’ is the proverbial nirvana of this new amalgamated sound between their old riff-heavy blast-beat assault peppered with monstrous breakdowns and the newfound autobiographical soulful ballad-like clean vocal melodies. Vocalist Phil Bozeman has found a sweet spot between his trademark guttural barking style of growls and an almost 90’s / early 2000’s-reminiscent pop / rock crooning. The general mood and tone of the songs of this album revolve around this new blended sound with songs like ‘I Will Find You’, ‘A Bloodsoaked Symphony’, ‘Without Us’ and more. The standout consistently extreme songs that leave a taste of the older Whitechapel are ‘Lost Boy’ and ‘To The Wolves’, which embrace their older barraging style of incessant high-tempo blast beats with upbeat thrash drumming and groovy sections as well. Heavy, conceptually and lyrically, ‘Kin’ presents the theme of an alternate world where every choice made is the wrong one and the turmoil felt in the bargain.

Vasu Dixit – NaanuNeenu [Single]

Widely known in the independent Indian music circuit as the front-man of renowned Bangalore folk rock band Swarathma, Vasu Dixit dropped a new single in his native language of Kannada – ‘NaanuNeenu’ which is based on the writings of 16th century Carnatic music composer, poet, philosopher and musician Kanaka Dasa or Kanakadasa. “Naanu neenu yennadiru Heena manava” – talks about the need and greed of mankind, who is never satisfied even though the resources given to him are fulfilling enough to lead a good life. It highlights the fundamental fact of nature change is the only constant. Lust, greed and all other whims and fancies of man are what lead to tragedy and destruction. Experimenting with a new sound comprising of a mixture between dancehall, hip-hop and Bharatnatyam, the aural and visual elements combine well with the dancers in the video, something completely new and brave from Vasu Dixit, who is primarily recognized as a folk singer.

DJ Marky – Changing Moods (ft. Lorna King) [Single]

The undisputed king of South American Drum & Bass has returned to his Innerground imprint for a bubbly Liquid Drum & Bass number featuring his signature playful melodies coupled with Lorna King’s euphoric vocals. The tune comes as a part the ‘Innerground 100’ compilation to celebrate the label’s century of releases since 2003. Along with DJ Marky, the album also features producers like Data 3, Random Movement, Melinki, Loz Contreras, Pola & Bryson, Saikon, Carlito, D’cypher, and Fluidity.

Juravlove – Pepa [Single]

Igor Zhuravlev aka Juravlove is a Russian DJ, Producer, Promoter and Radio host based in the port city of St. Petersburg. One half of the Polyritm collective, Juravlove brings Funk, Jazz, House, R&B in his brand of House Music. His latest single is a part of the ‘Pepa’ EP on Délicieuse Musique’s sub-label Noire & Blanche, and the tune is a surreal slice of Jazzy House with warm and soulful pads, reverberated vocals and playful synth lines.

Azari, Butr, Jeremy Glenn – Phaze (James Bangura Remix) [Single]

With an exciting blend of Techno, Drum & Bass, and breakbeat, James Bangura’s music is an assembly of spatial explorations. His latest release features on YUNG DUMB Records for a snappy 2-step remix of Azari, Butr and Jeremy Glenn’s ‘Phaze’ from their modular soundscape-d Wade Galaxy project.

Caspa – Full Flow [Single]

One of Dubstep’s earliest pioneers and the man who brought the playful vibe to the genre, is steamrolling everything in his way this year. After a long hiatus from music with his last release coming in 2018, Caspa returned to his pummelling best in early 2021, and for his third release of the year, he has released ‘Full Flow’, which is a move away from his hard-edged sounds, blending futuristic elements with his trademark subversive undercut.

Bawrut & Cosmo – Eurocasbah [Single]

One of Ransom Note Records’ finest, Bawrut is a Madrid-based producer that brings a mix of Pop, Italo Disco, Breakbeat and Techno to his music. His debut album ‘In the Middle’ is two weeks away from release on Ransom Note. ‘Eurocasbah’ from the album is what the producer describes as a “journey through sunset pop, electronic melancholia and delusive migrations taking place around the Mediterranean.” 5% of the album’s profits will be donated to Open Arms, a non-profit non-governmental organisation dedicated to protect those who try to reach Europe by sea, fleeing from conflicts, persecution and poverty.

We’ll be back next week with more interesting recommendations for you to listen to and/or groove to!




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