YANA Music Release A 24-Track Album To Close 2021

It all started in 2019 when Christian Hoffman aka Toronto Is Broken told himself that he’d had enough of his music released on other labels and it was time to start something of his own.

Up went 50 quid to register himself as a label on Beatport with the name coming from the initials of his second studio album on Viper Recordings called ‘You Are (Not) Alone’ and that’s how YANA Music came to life.

After first few releases which were sitting on Toronto Is Broken’s project folders as backlog, YANA Music brought Dutch producer Batteltek for the label’s first release after Toronto Is Broken.

Since then YANA Music have brought fresh talent like Lateral, Perplex, Mojay, Sam Foxx, Beat Assassins and many exciting producers and delivered music that champions the dancefloor side of Drum & Bass.

2021 was the best year YANA Music had since their inception, and to celebrate a great year, YANA are closing it off with a bang. Featuring 24 tracks with a mix of fresh music along with some of the label’s best tunes, YANA2021 is the fix you need for your Boxing day hangover.

YANA 2021 starts with Sam Foxx’s euphoric synth-led anthem with Scarlett called ‘Lose My Mind’. Then comes one of YANA’s best tunes this year by Lateral called ‘Every Nite’ which carries a catchy vocal sample followed by a menacing peak time drop.

Next up is MYKOOL exhibiting his ferocious ability of delivering sounds big room sounds with ‘Closing In’. The London-based producer has another tune in the compilation called ‘Akuma’ which takes a takes a darker turn.

One of the earliest producers to feature on the label, Battletek makes his return with a gorgeous summertime stunner called ‘Sanctuary’. Label boss Toronto Is Broken gives us another club ready tune with ‘The Moment’ before Aktive asks us to ‘Obey or Die’ with his pulsating banger.

Daida and Corrupted Mind along with Chaos fuse old school and new school Neurofunk elements with ‘Monster’ and ‘Save The Rave’. Zero Fire and Jakzman bring an absorbing mix of soul and grit in their tunes and label regular Mojay has cooked up a delicious rudeboy-tinged roller called ‘Back Again Dub’.

Corrupted Mind comes back into the the compilation with a progressive Drum and Bass number called ‘Rhyme Style’ and Exeter hotshots Perplex follow suit with a double apperance with ‘Play Me’ and ‘Move Like This’.

Lateral sheds the listeners ‘Flesh & Blood’ with his up-tempo humdinger while Kaizah takes us back to the classic Billain days with ‘Lock Up’. Tengu brings the heat with his murky ‘Ready For The Heart’ scorcher.

Theatrix and Sofi Mari give their spin on ‘Queen’ vocal-led steppy number. YANA Music end their enthralling Drum & Bass ride with tunes from Umax, Frank Lemon, Dim Bolt, LUCA, Volition featuring tunes that flutter between a mix of light and dark.

Listen to the Promo Mix of the YANA 2021 compilation here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnUUo9NOpqE?start=2768]


By the way, this is just a glimpse of the madness that YANA Music have in store for us next year so keep and eye for this epic label in 2022!


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