TF Daily Drop: Fear Of The Dawn By Jack White

Today’s pick is ‘Fear Of The Dawn’ By Jack White. Listen Now!

Jack White announces the album in the most chaotic and grittiest way he can with the second track off his EP ‘Love is Selfish/Fear Of The Dawn’.

Featuring long and screeching riffs coupled with vibrant drumming, this track is an encore. Even though it is just a two-minute ride, ‘Fear Of The Dawn’ has so much detail that it makes no sense that it is just two minutes long. Having been released with White’s own label, Third Man Records, the album promises to capture White’s creative flow over the last two years.


The American singer-songwriter is best know as the lead singer and guitarist of the duo, The White Stripes. Known as a key artist in the garage rock revival of the 2000s, White has had consistent critical success. His three solo albums have all reached the top of the Billboard charts and won 12 Grammy Awards. Among Rolling Stone’s top 100 guitarists of all time, he ranks 70th.

Starting from April, Jack White will embark on his massive five-month tour titled ‘The Supply Chain Issues’.

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