TV Comedies and Sitcoms You Should Watch in March 2022

Taylor Tomlinson returns with another comedy special on Netflix, ‘The Rock’ continues to narrate his beginnings, and Taika Waititi takes on the avatar of the pirate mentoring an unlikely protégé. Find a variety of comedy television series that will not only delight you but will also offer you hope via their stories. Our list includes pirates, wrestlers, comedians, and supernatural figures!

A handful of comedies that you should watch in March 2022 are listed below!

Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You (Netflix)


American comedian Taylor Tomlinson brings her second stand-up comedy special ‘Look At You’ to Netflix. In this special, she will put a comedic twist on the importance of recognizing mental health, relationship struggles, and other self-care-related topics.

‘Taylor Tomlinson: Look At You’ premiered on March 8, 2022. It was recorded at the Wilbur Theater in Boston. This is Tomlinson’s second Netflix comedy special, the first being Quarter-Life Crisis’ released in 2020.

Catch The Stand-Up Comedy On Netflix: HERE

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Life & Beth (Hulu)


Life & Beth‘, a comedy-drama about the life of ‘Beth’. Heading toward her forties, she is unhappy with the way her life has turned out. She quits her work, leaves her boyfriend, and embarks on a new journey in search of new opportunities.

Amy Schumer created and directed the series and stars as Beth. Violet Young plays younger Beth in her flashbacks. They are supported by a cast that includes also casts Yamaneika Saunders, Lavar Walker, Susannah Flood, and Michael Cera.

In an interview on Good Morning America, Amy Schumer said, “it tells a story about a woman who is kind of confronting her old teenage traumas as a way to move forward with her own life, cause she is kind of stuck and I think I can defiantly relate to that”.

Watch ‘Life & Beth’ On Hulu: HERE

Atlanta: Season 3 (Hulu)


Atlanta reruns to our TV screens after four years. In the series, Earnest “Earn” Marks and his cousin Alfred, attempt to make their way in the world through the Atlanta rap scene. Along the way, they encounter social and economic difficulties with race, relationships, poverty, status, and parenthood. Season two came to a close with Alfred, Earn, and Darius accompanying Clark County on his European tour and Earn and Van admitting they are in different stages of their lives. Season three will follow their comedic exploits across Europe.

Donald Glover, best known for his roles as a stand-up comedian, actor, and rapper, produced this award-winning series. Brian Tyree Henry (‘Eternals’), LaKeith Stanfield (‘Judas and the Black Messiah’), Zazie Beetz (‘The Harder They Fall’) are the central figures in the show.

In an interview with Variety regarding season 3, actor Donald Glover said, “I think honestly we just wanted to show how Atlanta is a ‘point of view’, it’s not like really, its a city but its also just like kind of what made me and my brother like the ‘point of view’, it is very specific”. 

Stream ‘Atlanta’ on Hulu: HERE

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Young Rock: Season 2 (Peacock)


A sitcom based on the life of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – a professional wrestler, businessman, and actor. Narrated by ‘The Great One himself,’ on his fictitious run for president in 2032, ‘Young Rock‘ connects The Rock’s life at various ages and the experiences that define who he is.

Season two will center on him being released from his CFL football team, the Calgary Stampeders, and fully embracing and transitioning into his wrestling career.

The show is created by Johnson himself, alongside Nahnatchka Khan. Adrian Groulx, Bradley Constant, and Uli Latukefu played younger versions of The Rock. Portrayals of a number of former wrestlers, including Rocky Johnson – played by Joseph Lee Anderson, Andre The Giant – played by Matthew Willig, and The Iron Sheik – played by Brett Azar are in the comedy-drama sitcom. In an Instagram post, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shared, he wrote, “Some little kids played with Barbies and some played with GI Joes. I played with and got thrown around by Uncle Andre ??? As in Andre the Giant.”

Watch ‘Young Rock: Season 2’ On Peacock: HERE

Our Flag Means Death (HBO+)


A period comedy sitcom loosely based on the life of ‘Stede Bonnet’, who leaves his comfortable lifestyle behind to chase his dream of becoming a pirate. Stede embarks on this quest, leaving behind his wealth and social influence. He is far from ready for a pirate’s life because he has no sailing or navigational skills. Mentored by the notorious pirate ‘Blackbeard’, he uses this opportunity to further imbibe the pirating lifestyle.

Filmmaker Taika Waititi and writer David Jenkins bring to viewing screens ‘Our Flag Means Death‘. The series is based on the life of Stede Bonnet, who came to be known as ‘The Gentlemen Pirate’. 

About the show, executive producer and writer, David Jenkins, in a segment on HBO Max mentioned, “you get people at sea at work, different story elements that weirdly arent in aren’t in pirate stories but were very much part of their lifestyle”.

The comedy show casts include Rhys Darby (‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’), Taika Waititi (‘JoJo Rabit’), Joel Fry (‘Cruella’), and Kristian Nairn (‘Game of Thrones‘).

Stream ‘Our Flag Means Death’ On HBO+: HERE

Shining Vale (Starz)


The Phelps family move into an abandoned house in the small town of Shining Vale, Connecticut, in search of a new beginning. After a difficult period, the family is attempting to heal. The mother, Patricia, is a writer who now looks to move forward and write something new. Stuck in writer’s block, she is unable to convince her family that she senses a ghostly presence. While attempting to rekindle her relationship with them, she creates one with a ghost who unlocks her writing ability.

This horror-comedy drama stars Courteney Cox (‘Friends’), Greg Kinnear (‘As Good As It Gets’), and Mira Sorvino (‘Intruders’). Sharon Horgan and Jeff Astrof are co-creators of the show. Greg Kinnear had also made an appearance on the hit comedy sitcom ‘Friends’ of which Courteney Cox was one of the lead cast members. 

Stream ‘Shining Vale’ on Starz: HERE

The Lost City


In ‘The Lost City’ Sandra Bullock plays a novelist who pens down narratives about romantic adventures in exotic destinations. The lead protagonist in her books is a character named ‘Dash Chicvance’. ‘Alan,’ a model who has committed his life to mimic the hero – Dash, appears regularly on her book covers. Alan must play the hero in real life and save her after she is abducted by a billionaire and forced to guide him to the treasure of the old lost city.

Brad Pitt (‘World War Z’), Channing Tatum (‘Magic Mike’), Daniel Radcliffe (‘Horns’), Da’Vine Joy Randolph (‘The Last Shift’) are cast in this action-adventure movie with Aaron Nee and Adam Nee as its directors.

As mentioned by Sandra Bullock in an interview with CBS News correspondent Tracy Smith, post its release and the release of ‘Bullet Train’, she will be taking a break from acting.

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