IYRE’s Island of Spellbinding Drum & Bass

Despite being in a part of the world where drum & bass struggles to reach the masses, IYRE has done a phenomenal job putting the South Asian region on the world’s radar.

To simply put it, IYRE’s drum & bass is special. Just over a year after his debut release, the Sri Lankan producer has the world at his feet through his ability to produce drum & bass that is orchestral, cinematic, and captivating. With releases on labels like Goldfat Records, Fokuz Recordings, Pilot Recordings, and Celcius Recordings, IYRE has had a remarkable first year in the genre.

Combining his Metal influences with drum & bass which is an exhibition of atmospheric moods, spine-tingling melodies, washy drums and rumbling basslines, IYRE is slowly carving a style that is exclusively associated with him.

After closing 2021 with a nomination for the ‘Best Newcomer’ Category at the Drum&BassArena awards followed by a DJing showcase for UKF’s Future Visions series to begin the year, IYRE is geared up to make his full debut on Goldfat Records with a 4-track EP which is slated to land in the last week of May.

Keeping his debut 4-tracker in mind, we’re giving you our selection of some of IYRE’s tunes that will get you rolling for his upcoming release.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrmmYabx04s]

Starting with IYRE’s first-ever release and for obvious reasons, one of our favourites. Part of Goldfat Records’ ‘Full Fat’ compilation, ‘Fragments’ is a tune that is supercharged with flavor and funk coupled with his trademark washy drums that we are familiar with.

A steady and airy intro that demonstrates the track’s musical richness with just the first note later collides into a soul-stirring journey with smartly used flickers of eastern elements.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57P7vSPuh0c]

IYRE is from Sri Lanka and the South Asian part of the world, which he wants to represent with pride and demonstrate his culture and musical influences. Part of his two-tracker that was released on Goldfat Records in the middle of 2021, he got a chance to introduce his influences, and boy he did.

Named ‘Zainab’ which translates to ‘a fragrant flower’, the tune combines haunting atmospherics with pulsating drum work that breaks down before the second drop, only to rise and give us a swatch of exquisite eastern melodies.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma0nEs2GU08]

This one comes from from IYRE’s debut release on UKF’s Pilot Records. ‘Raindrops On My Skin’s begins with ambient and calming melodies, that leave you anticipated for the rest of the track. The drop is then a culmination of a shimmering bassline paired with evocative and windy vocal samples that keep growing intensely through its dramatic beat work. Peach of a tune!

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9CxuzXs92s]

The most impressive aspect of IYRE’s music in our opinion is how simple yet effective his productions are, and sometimes the simplest of things are the most difficult to pull off.

IYRE’s collaboration with American producer Aleyum on Fokuz Recordings is a prime example of a deep and driving bassline and drums to deliver liquid drum & bass in its purest form.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94YocNQD7ys]

Glistening synths and tasty drum kicks all over the tune, ‘Ambers, Echoes’ is a proper feels-lifter. Characterized by stark chord progressions and healthy helpings of its rich melodies, the tune is effortlessly soulful that you may want to plug in to during your darkest times. Just sit back and feel the depth of this tune.

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