Popular Artists Who Ventured Into Fashion You Should Know

Continuing our fashion series, we present a list of popular artists who expanded their style statements and ambitions beyond music by indulging in the business of fashion and accessories.

In our list below, we have traced the careers of two former Spice Girls who have developed very contrasting fashion brands and styles, looked at a former Snoop Dogg protégé, focused on a hip-hop artist LL Cool J’s ‘Rock The Bells’ and one of the former Marky Mark’s business ventures.

Emma Bunton – Kit & Kin

Emma Bunton, the former ‘Baby Spice’ of the British dance and pop music girl group ‘Spice Girls’, had recorded three albums with the group before their many sporadic reunions. She has four studio albums to her credit: A Girl Like Me (2001), Free Me (2004), Life in Mono (2006), and My Happy Place (2007). As a television personality, Emma has been a presenter, host, and judge on many reality shows, including hosting the Concert for Ukraine on 29 March 2022. She will be a catfish contestant on the latest season of ‘The Circle,’ alongside Spice Girl Mel B.

Emma collaborated with UK retailer brand Argos on a clothing line for babies and children up to the age of ten. T-shirts, knits, jeans, dresses, and other items for young children were among the ninety-nine piece children’s wear line.

Her brand is Kit & Kin, which she co-founded with Christopher Money in 2017. Kit & Kin is committed to developing environmentally friendly products, with parents of newborn infants as their target market. Their products are made from biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials. The products include biodegradable nappy bags, biodegradable baby wipes, eco nappy pants and diapers, skincare and bathing products, and clothing.


Across multiple product categories, the brand has also received numerous prestigious industry awards. In an interview with UK digital magazine Absolutely Mama, when asked about climate change, she said, “it’s our responsibility to make those small but significant changes in our lifestyles and choices that really do add up and have a positive impact, which is what we’re trying to achieve and champion through Kit & Kin.”

Emma Bunton is also a UNICEF ambassador.

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LL Cool J – Rock The Bells

Record producer, actor, and Hip-hop artist LL Cool J established himself at the young age of 17-year-old with his album ‘Radio’. The album, which was released in 1985, was a commercial success and catapulted him to stardom. Since then, he has released twelve more studio albums and has had roles onscreen in films and television shows. Dr. Dre inducted him into the Hall of Fame in 2021, claiming that LL Cool J was the one who coined the term G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time).


Rock the Bells, an Arts & entertainment company, was founded by LL Cool J and is named after his hit single from his debut album. Rock the Bells, which was founded in 2018, focuses on content and experiences that honor Hip-Hop culture. The brand recently expanded into a line of limited-edition clothing and accessories with graffiti and other hip-hop elements. With hoodies, hats, sweatpants, jackets, and clothing items with graffiti, his collection includes references to his musical career and continues to pay homage to the early era of hip hop.

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Victoria Beckham – Victoria Beckham Beauty

Victoria Beckham is arguably one of the most successful of the Spice Girls in her fashion and design ventures. She launched her clothing line in 2008. Her collection commenced with a series of dresses at her London studio and has since grown to include dresses, footwear, and accessories. Her line also comprises hoodies, joggers, and running trainers, owing to a long-term partnership with Reebok. She has displayed her works at the New York, London, and Milan Fashion shows.

Victoria Beckham Beauty was launched in 2019 with the view “that beauty should complement and empower the dynamic life you lead.” It features an assortment of cosmetic products. Her brand has won numerous awards. It can be found in over 450 stores in fifty countries around the world.

Prince William awarded Victoria Beckham an OBE for her services to the fashion industry in 2017.

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Bow Wow – BW Apparel

Bow Wow made his debut in the hip-hop music scene in 1993 when he performed live on stage on The Arsenio Hall Show. He was dubbed Lil’ Bow Wow by rapper Snoop Dogg. In 2000, he released his debut album, Beware of Dog, and later dropped the ‘Lil’ part of his stage name.

Since then, he’s released six studio albums and has a recurring role in the Fast and Furious film franchise, where he is credited by his real name Shad Moss.

In 2019, Bow Wow debuted his clothing line, BW apparel, which stands for Brotherhood and Wealth. As described on the company website, “BWApparel is determined to keep you in an Uncommon mindset that leads to an unprecedented Legacy.” Beanies, Durags, Trucker Hats, T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Joggers are currently available on the company’s official store.

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Mark Wahlberg – Municipal

Mark Wahlberg, a golden globe, Emmy, BAFTA, and Oscar-nominated actor transitioned into acting from a career in music and modeling. In 1991 and 1992, he and his hip-hop group, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, released two studio albums back to back. In 1991, their song ‘Good Vibrations’ reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

He co-founded Municipal 2019 with a longtime friend and television producer Stephen Levinson and Harry Arnett. Public playgrounds, fields, and blacktops where they developed a love for sports and competition inspired them to launch the brand. The entire line is centered on sports utility gear. It sells T-shirts, tracksuit bottoms, long-sleeved shirts, shorts, beanies, and jackets for both men and women.

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