Congo Natty To Release An Album After Seven Years

The man who led the proto-jungle revolution in the UK and whose famous ‘Junglist’ remix still has heads crying hoping it sees the light of day, is all set to release an album after 2015.

Michael West aka Mikail Tafari aka Rebel MC aka Congo Natty; the man donned many aliases, each more revolutionary than the last. The ’80s popster-turned-proto-jungle-pioneer began his journey when he started Double Trouble in the early ’80s with Michael Menson and Leigh Guest, with whom he released his popular ska-pop hit ‘Street Tuff.’

However, what happened after changed the landscape of UK’s underground music movement forever. Drum & Bass, which is one of United Kingdom’s finest musical exports, is an aesthetic. But the journey began with Congo Natty, when he released his ‘Black Meaning Good’ album in 1991 under his Rebel MC alias, marking the outset of the Jungle era.

Hardcore techno merged with dubbed-out basslines and ragga-tinged elements, Jungle, accredited to be the sound of the UK Underground began to gain commercial success. Tracks like ‘Original Nuttah’ by Shy FX and ‘Valley Of The Shadows’ smashed music charts in just under 4 years since the genre’s inception. However, the foundations were laid down by Rebel MC’s pioneering music.

Some of Congo Natty’s other hits under included tunes like ‘Just Keep Rockin’, 1993’s ‘Lion Of Judah/Innah Sound’ and 1994’s ‘Code Red’. His 2004 single ‘Junglist’, which is one of the most emblematic tunes in UK’s bass music culture, received a remix from S.P.Y, which despite cries from across the scene remained to be unreleased until its vinyl cut which was dropped recently.

Congo Natty’s last album called the ‘Jungle Revolution In Dub’ was released on Big Dada Recordings, and now after 7 long years, the revolutionary artist is all set to drop his first full-length release since 2015. Ancestorz (Roots of Jungle) will see Congo Natty explore the genres that he worked in or oversaw like jungle, drum & bass, reggae, jazz, hip-hop and more across a mammoth selection of 26 tracks.

To mark the album’s release, Congo Natty has released two singles; ‘Athos’—featuring Fleck and MC Lij Tafari, and ‘Jungle Defender’, featuring Addis Pablo. The album will be fully out on 26 August via New State Music, and like we have come to expect from Congo Natty; it is destined to be legendary.

Grab ‘Athos/Jungle Defender’ – HERE

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