TFword Review: Moore Kismet’s Debut Album

One of the finest modern-day champions of electro-pop infused dubstep music has released their debut album called ‘Universe’; and to call it groundbreaking is an understatement.

There are good artists, then there are great artist and from those, comes one generational name that sweeps its entire generation off its feet; that is Omar Davis, known best behind the decks as Moore Kismet.

Known for their multi-colored blend of dubstep music that infuses electro-pop, trance, and house, California-based Moore Kismet’s brand of bass music is one of the most unique genre crossovers you will come across. Aside from being in a league of their own, the non-binary and pansexual 17 year-old music phenomenon is also an influential voice of the LGBTQ+ creative community.

Kismet was included on Billboard’s 21 Under 21 annual artists list two years in a row (2020/2021), and was named the youngest artist to ever perform at Lollapalooza and EDC Las Vegas in 2021 through their bass-friendly, effervescent electronic pop productions that keep getting seminal with every release they make.

Four years since making their debut and releasing music on the biggest bass music imprints on offer, Moore Kismet has dropped their debut album called ‘Universe’, which is a confluence of breathtaking sound design, powerful lyrics and intricate beat structures. We will take a closer look at the album and explore Kismet’s colorful and multi-dimensional brand of dubstep.

The album begins with ‘Call Of The Unicorn’ featuring Tasha Baxter’s intense vocals which act as the prelude for the track to go on and explode into a piercing Dubstep number. ‘See You Go’ puts Kismet’s peerless creative force to work and produces a celestial journey with delightful twists and turns.

‘I Miss You More Than You Think’ like its name is a number that exemplifies the feeling of yearning through its effervescent melodies and washy beat structures. ‘Rumor’ which in our opinion is one of the best tracks in the album brings a cosmic dubstep experience only Kismet is capable of delivering.

‘Wasteland’ is a track that feels like it sees an opportunity for a club banger and grabs with both hands while maintaining its delicate sonic flickers. Moore Kismet which means ‘more than fate’ is a representation of their creative journey and tracks like ‘Vendetta For Cupid’ and ‘Flourish’ express that narrative unequivocally.

‘Parallel Heartbreak’ contrary to its name is a kaleidoscopic and dreamy tune which features Kismet’s trademark melodies and spacious vocal sections. ‘Ultravoilet’ despite its intricacies is aimed straight at the dancefloor. ‘Judgement’ is a tune that has a heavy influence of the producer’s crisp production frequencies.

Coming to the end of the album is when Kismet decided to unleash their absolute best with tracks like ‘Shadow Soldier’, ‘Quest’ and ‘Flight of the Superiority Complex’ converging their vivid style of music in poetic fashion. ‘Universe’ goes straight up in the list of the best bass music albums released this year.

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