Must-Watch TV Shows and Films of October 2022

Halloween is right around the corner and this month saw some amazing horror releases, including an anthology series featuring eight selections of horror stories written and directed by great filmmakers, a thriller following a family that begins receiving threatening letters after they move into their new home, and a stop-motion animated film following two demon-brothers Wendell and Wild. 

A romantic comedy following two divorced parents who travel to Bali to attempt to stop their daughter’s wedding, a movie with a singing crocodile, and a biopic about the true story of Mamie Till-Mobley’s lifelong fight for the pursuit of justice for her 14-year-old son Emmett Till also premiered this month.

We’ve compiled a list of must-watch new series that premiered this month and movies released in October 2022 –

Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities 

‘Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities’ is an anthology series featuring eight selections of horror stories written and directed by great filmmakers. Out of the eight episodes, two have been co-written by Guillermo and he is also producing the series. Episodes have been directed by Jennifer Kent (‘The Babadook’), David Prior (‘The Empty Man’), and Catherine Hardwicke (‘Twilight’), among others.

The cast of the Netflix series includes Ben Barnes (‘Shadow and Bones’, ‘The Punisher’), Andrew Lincoln (‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Love Actually’), Hannah Galway, Ismael Cruz Córdova (‘The Undoing’, ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’), Crispin Glover (‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘Back to the Future II’), Essie Davis (‘The Babadook’), David Hewlett, and Rupert Grint from the Harry Potter film series.

Producers J. Miles Dale (‘The Shape of Water’) and Gary Ungar (‘Pinocchio’) are also producing ‘Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities’.

Find ‘Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities’ on Netflix: HERE
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The Watcher

Inspired by true events ‘The Watcher’ is a thriller following a family that begins receiving threatening letters after they move into their new home. These letters are signed by someone named The Watcher. They also encounter strange neighbors in this show created by Ryan Murphy (‘American Horror Story’) and Ian Brennan (‘Glee’, ‘Scream Queens’). 

‘The Watcher’ stars Naomi Watts (‘King Kong’), Bobby Cannavale (‘Nine Perfect Strangers’, ‘Sing 2’), Isabel Gravitt (‘Little Fires Everywhere’), Jennifer Coolidge (‘The White Lotus’, ‘Legally Blonde’), and Noma Dumezweni (‘The Undoing’), among others.

Stream ‘The Watcher’ on Netflix: HERE
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Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Historical drama ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ sees a queen whose sons are troublemakers attempt to “rein in her sons.” One of her sons, the prince, will be the next king of Joseon. Meanwhile, there are people who are trying to compete to seize her throne. The cast includes Kim Hye-soo, Yoo Seon-ho, Moon San Min, Ok Ja-yeon, Bae In-hyuk, Choi Won-young, Kang Chan-hee (‘True Beauty’), and Kim Hae-sook, among others.

Watch ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella’ on Netflix: HERE
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The Peripheral

The sci-fi series ‘The Peripheral’ is set in the future. Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, the show follows a woman who discovers “a secret connection to an alternate reality” in a technologically advanced world. This leads her to a dark future.

The Amazon Prime Video series is based on the 2014 novel ‘The Peripheral’ by William Gibson. It has been executed produced by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (co-creators of ‘Westworld’), and created by ‘A Simple Plan’ author Scott Smith. The show’s cast also features Jack Reynor (‘Midsommar’), Gary Carr (‘Death in Paradise’), Charlotte Riley, Eli Goree (‘One Night in Miami’), Adelind Horan, and Alexandra Billings, among others.

Find ‘The Peripheral’ on Amazon Prime Video: HERE

A Friend of the Family

Peacock’s ‘A Friend of the Family’ is a true-crime limited series based on the Broberg family. It tells the chilling story of Jan Broberg who was kidnapped by her neighbor Robert B. Berchtold multiple times in the 1970s. He was a family friend who manipulated Jan’s family, brainwashed and turned her against her family.

The cast of the show includes Jake Lacy (‘The White Lotus’), McKenna Grace (‘The Haunting of the Hill House’, ‘I, Tonya’), Hendrix Yancey, Anna Paquin (‘X-Men’, ‘True Blood’), Colin Hanks (‘The Offer’), Lio Tipton (‘Crazy Stupid Love’), and Bree Elrod (‘Shutter Island’).

Stream ‘A Friend of the Family’ on Peacock: HERE

Interview With The Vampire

‘Interview With The Vampire’ is the series adaption of the 1976 Anne Rice novel of the same name. The series sees Louis de Pointe du Lac tell his story to renowned journalist Daniel Molloy when he lives in Dubai in 2022. Louis’ story begins in the 1900s in New Orleans. He had been transformed into a vampire at the time by Lestat du Lioncourt. They also begin a relationship that leads to love in eternal life in this show is created by Rolin Jones (‘Perry Mason’). 

The cast of ‘Interview With The Vampire’ includes Jacob Anderson (‘Game of Thrones’), Sam Reid (‘The Newsreader’), Eric Bogosian (‘Talk Radio’), Bailey Bass, Kalyne Coleman, Rae Dawn Chong (‘Quest for Fire’), Assad Zaman, among others.

Watch ‘Interview With The Vampire’ on AMC: HERE

The Good Nurse 

Starring Oscar-winner Jessica Chastain (‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’) Netflix film ‘The Good Nurse’ sees nurse Amy Loughren (played by Chastain) risk her life to uncover the truth about her colleague. She is suspicious that he is responsible for the murder of dozens of patients.

This film is based on a true crime book of the same name by journalist Charles Graeber and stars Eddie Redmayne (‘The Theory of Everything’, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’). Its cast includes Nnamdi Asomugha, Noah Emmerich (‘The Truman Show’), Kim Dickens (‘Gone Girl’), Devyn McDowell (‘Annette’), and Gina Jun (‘The Black Phone’, ‘Raymond & Ray’).

Find ‘The Good Nurse’ on Netflix: HERE
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Wendell & Wild

Produced by Jordan Peele (‘Get Out’, ‘Us’, ‘Nope’), ‘Wendell & Wild’ is a stop-motion animated film following two demon-brothers Wendell (voiced by Keegan-Michael Key) and Wild (voiced by Jordan Peele) who must face their arch-enemy to leave hell. They must do this with the help of thirteen-year-old Kat Elliot (voiced by Lyric Ross from ‘This Is Us’’). ‘Wendell & Wild’ has been directed and produced by Henry Selick who is known for directing ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and ‘Coraline’.

The voice cast of ‘Wendell & Wild’ also includes Ramona Young (‘Never Have I Ever’, ‘Santa Clarita Diet’), Tamara Smart, Angela Bassett (‘Black Panther’, ‘9-1-1’), Sam Zelaya, and Ving Rhames from the Mission: Impossible film series.

Stream ‘Wendell & Wild’ on Netflix: HERE
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Ticket to Paradise

Helmed by Ol Parker (‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’) ‘Ticket to Paradise’ is a romantic comedy following two divorced parents who travel to Bali to attempt to stop their daughter’s wedding. They enlist each other’s help, and team up to concoct a plan to cancel the wedding but does their plan work or do they find themselves happy together?

This film has been penned by Parker and Daniel Pipski while Julia Roberts and George Clooney produced it along with others. ‘Ticket to Paradise’ stars Julia Roberts (‘Pretty Woman’), George Clooney (‘Ocean’s Eleven’, ‘Gravity’), Kaitlyn Dever (‘Dopesick’, ‘Booksmart’), Lucas Bravo (‘Emily in Paris’), Billie Lourd (‘Booksmart’, ‘American Horror Story’), and Maxime Bouttier, among others.

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Catherine Called Birdy 

Set in medieval England ‘Catherine Called Birdy’ is a comedy film which centers on Catherine, whose father, Lord Rollo, plans to marry her to a suitor. Catherine attempts to avoid courtship and her suitors against her parent’s wishes in this coming-of-age film.

‘Catherine Called Birdy’ sees Andrew Scott (‘Fleabag’, ‘Sherlock’) as Lord Rollo, Bella Ramsey is Catherine, Lady Aislinn is played by Billie Piper, Joe Alwyn (‘Conversation with Friends’, ‘The Favourite’) is George, Aelis is played by Isis Hainsworth (‘Emma.’), and Dean-Charles Chapman (‘1917’, ‘The King’) is Robert. 

Stream ‘Catherine Called Birdy’ on Amazon Prime Video’: HERE


‘Till’ is a biopic about the true story of Mamie Till-Mobley’s lifelong fight for the pursuit of justice for her 14-year-old son Emmett Till. He was brutally murdered by white men in 1955 while visiting his cousins in Mississippi. The cast of the film includes Jalyn Hall (‘All American’), Danielle Deadwyler (‘The Harder They Fall’), Whoopi Goldberg (‘Sister Act’), Jayme Lawson (‘The Woman King’), Haley Bennett (‘The Girl on the Train’), Sean Patrick Thomas (‘Save the Last Dance’), and Jaylin Webb, among others.


Starring Cate Blanchett (‘Carol’, ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’) ‘Tár’ follows renowned conductor Lydia Tár of a major German Orchestra. Tár, in this fictional story, is a groundbreaking conductor who is considered to be one of the greatest living conductors and is preparing for the highly-anticipated symphony live performance of Mahler’s Fifth Symphony. 

This film is directed by three-time Oscar-nominated Todd Field (‘Little Children’, ‘In The Bedroom’). The cast of this psychological thriller also includes Nina Hoss (‘Barbara’), Sophie Kauer, Noémie Merlant (‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’), Sydney Lemmon (‘Helstrom’), Julian Glover (‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’), and Marco Strong (‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, ‘Robin Hood’), among others.

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The Banshees of Inisherin

‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ is a comedy-drama set in Ireland and centers on two friends Pádraic (Colin Farrell, ‘The Batman’, ‘In Bruges’) and Colm, played by Brendan Gleeson (‘In Bruges’, ‘The Guard’). There is a change in their relationship when their friendship suddenly comes to a stop, and Pádraic wants to mend their broken relationship in any way possible. Pádraic is not aware why Colm has asked him to not speak to him. This leads to consequences in both their lives as well as those close to them.

‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ also stars Kerry Condon (‘Unleashed’), Pat Shortt (‘Garage’), Barry Keoghan (‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’, ‘Eternals’), Gary Lydon, David Pearse (‘Trivia’), and Sheila Flitton.

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Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

‘Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile’ sees the Primm family move into a new home in New York City. Their son, Josh, who finds it difficult to adapt to his new school and friends in NYC quickly becomes friends with a domesticated reptile named Lyle hiding in their attic. This crocodile is unlike the other crocs. He enjoys taking a bath and loves to sing. Soon, Josh’s parents and their neighbor find out about the crocodile which threatens Lyle’s existence. 

The ‘Wonder’ and ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’ singer Shawn Mendes is the voice actor of Lyle. The film’s cast includes Constance Wu (‘Crazy Rich Asians’), Winslow Fegley, Scoot McNairy (‘Narcos: Mexico’), Javier Bardem (‘No Country for Old Men’, ‘Skyfall’), Brett Gelman (‘Stranger Things’, ‘Fleabag’), and Lyric Hurd, among others.

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