All You Need to Know About The Centre Point Weekender, Auckland

Upgrade and MC Trigga continue to deliver epic shows on their current tour of New Zealand, battering stages across the country. The duo will turn their attention to The Centre Point Weekender, slated for January 13 and 14, at Pointers in Auckland. The two-day showdown by Sub180 will also feature British heavyweight Deekline, drum & bass musician Enta, and many more talented Kiwi DJs. Get your tickets to this event from the Ticket Fairy.

After the highly successful first-ever Boiler Room Experience at Pointers with the UK’s Mollie Collins, the venue is set to host a multi-day 360-degree rave experience. Day one of the drum & bass showcase will see headliners from the UK – Upgrade (Samuel Smith) and Mc Trigga (Tundy Smith), joined by opening acts RUEBIK (Ruach Oosthuizen), Bond Roby aka DADDYLONGLEGS, Justin ‘Cikö’ Tsoi, and trio The Rewanators (Dexter, Samuel Kingi, and Jerome Goode).

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Day two will see sets from breakbeat/break step/UK garage juggernaut Nick Annand, best known as Deekline, and drum & bass artist ENTA (Liam Harrison). Rounding out the line-up on support are DJ Kenzo, the Bouchers – Dreyden and Ethann, and returning after their show in November 2022 are Aucklanders Sammy W (Sammy Walker), and Codem (Cody Dawson).

Hyping his return to New Zealand, Upgrade shared a teaser of his adventures to come:

Alright, New Zealand? I’m going to be back very soon! I made a silly short video showing you where you can find me. Head to the @sub180nz page to get involved! See you soon!

Upgrade via Instagram

Sub180 celebrated ‘The Christmas Blowout’ at Pointers as their final show of 2022. To surprise attendees, none of the performing acts were announced, with the event promoting Special Guest b2b Special Guest instead. 

Final release tickets for The Centre Point on January 13 and 14 are now available on the Ticket Fairy: HERE

Artists performing at the event: MC Trigga | Upgrade | RUEBIK | CIKÖ | Liam Harrison ENTA | Deekline | Daddylonglegz | Sammy W | Codem | The Rewanators (Dexter and Samuel Kingi)

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