DnB Group Bad Company UK to Kick off Anniversary Tour in Raleigh on April 20

Famed drum & bass collective Bad Company UK are embarking on a ten-stop tour of the USA to commemorate their 25th anniversary this year! The silver edition anniversary tour will commence from Tap Yard in Raleigh, North Carolina, on April 20, with supporting acts Cenarius, Shane Reaction, and more. Get your tickets to watch Bad Company UK’s inaugural show of the tour from The Ticket Fairy.

“Back to the USA. Celebrating 25 years of The Nine with a Silver Edition Anniversary Tour,” wrote Bad Company UK (BCUK) announcing their forthcoming tour of the US. The maiden gig will stem from Raleigh’s ‘neighborhood bar, beer garden, and inclusive community space,’ Tap Yard. They will be joined by local DnB, breakbeat, and techno DJ Cenarius and Shane Reaction – the two members of Beat Beakers, a Raleigh-based collective promoting drum & bass and breakbeat music. 

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Following their show in North Carolina, BCUK’s multi-city tour will take them to Houston, Denver, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Seattle, among others, across dates in April and May. Respect, Gein, Airglo, Mizeyesis, and a bunch of exciting acts will warm the gigs of BCUK along the way in each city! They will also stop by Discopussy in Las Vegas on May 2 with drum & bass producer Justin Hawkes and Saint Regal.

Composed of Maldini (Jason Maldini) and Vegas (Michael Wojcicki), and former members Fresh (Dan Stein) and dBridge (Darren White), Bad Company UK emerged as a popular English DnB group in 1998. Over the course of their twenty-five-year career, the group has released four studio albums – ‘Inside the Machine,’ ‘Digital Nation,’ ‘Book of the Bad,’ and ‘Ice Station Zero’ as well as a compilation album ‘Shot Down on Safari,’ that included previously released vinyl EPs. BCUK are eminent for their smash-hit track ‘The Nine,’ which became synonymous with their name as time went by. 

Purchase your tickets to BCUK 25th Anniversary Tour from The Ticket Fairy: Raleigh | Las Vegas

Find Bad Company UK on: Instagram | Spotify
Artists performing at Raleigh and Las Vegas: Cenarius | Shane Reaction | Justin Hawkes

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