SICKOTOY Drops Monumental Dance Collab – ‘Bad Girls’

Featuring the coolest gang out there namely INNA, Antonia and Eva Timush, SICOKTOY has dropped a wirey new single called ‘Bad Girls’

With multiple successful collaborations racking up millions of streams, with names such as INNA, Ilkay Sencan, Minelli, SICKOTOY is one of the most successful DJs and producers in Central and Eastern Europe and the winner of a Latin Grammy for the Best Latin, Rock and Urban Alternative Album. His songs have conquered the radio charts in Central and Eastern Europe and produced with some of the biggest names in music.

Staying true to his knack for dropping monumental collaborations, SICKOTOY has now dropped his latest single called ‘Bad Girls’ with musical powerhouses INNA, Antonia and Eva Timush. With exceptional sound fused with exceptional voices, “the coolest gang out there” has decided it’s time to have fun and dropped an unapologetic blend of their signature styles.

With hits like like ‘Hot,’ ‘Sun Is Up,’ and ‘Déjà vu,’ and having dominated charts worldwide, INNA is in a league of her own. Numerous collaborations with top artists such as Pitbull, Flo Rida, and Sean Paul have solidified her as an international sensation. She made history as the first European female artist to reach 1 billion YouTube views and hit 10 billion views and streams last year.

Antonia and Eva Timush, on the other hand, are on their way to the pinnacle of musical myriads. Making regular appearances on almost every radio in Romania and delivering several chart-topping numbers, Antonia is steadily building an impressive catalog that is unique to her musical identity.

Another big name on the collaboration is Eva Timush, the rising Moldovan superstar, who has taken the online world by storm. A free spirit armed with an amazing voice and stunning looks, has collaborated on hits like ‘Tattoo’ and ‘Too Deep’ with SICKOTOY. Her social media presence surged after appearing on shows like Next Star Romania and Romania’s Got Talent, where her performances wowed viewers on YouTube.

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