Delta Heavy Announce New Album, Drop New Single

The duo have dropped the funk-infused single ‘Get Down Tonight’ to kickstart their journey until the release of their third long release in 2024.

British drum & bass duo Delta Heavy, who are widely known as one of the genre’s finest hit-makers, have given the scene some of its biggest hits since their debut. Euphoric buildups, profound vocals, and gigantic drops have defined their sound, but the duo has never shied away from stepping outside of their signature styles and going the melodic route—and still delivered the goods.

2022 was a big year for the duo, as they launched their self-titled label, which was followed by a series of singles that were an exhibition of the dance-floor-leaning Delta Heavy sound that we’ve adored the duo for. Taking another big step in their undertakings as one of the most influential acts in drum & bass, the duo consisting of Simon James and Ben Hall have announced their third studio album, ‘MIDNIGHT FOREVER.’

Their previous two albums, ‘Paradise Lost’ and ‘Only In Dreams,’ featured a number of hits like ‘White Flag,’ ‘Punish My Love,’ ‘Take Me Home,’ and ‘Here With Me’ that still dominate DJ sets. Slated to drop in 2024, Delta Heavy are now set to showcase their next career milestone, which will propel their stature further in drum & bass as one of the most consistent DJ and production duos.

Giving us a glimpse into MIDNIGHT FOREVER, Delta Heavy have released an infectious single ‘Get Down Tonight’ with singer-songwriter Haley May. The London-based artist, who has been the voice behind charting numbers across several genres in dance music, brings her pulsating voice before Delta Heavy comes in with their exciting brand of sound featuring a wobbly yet funky drop.

Like ‘Get Down Tonight,’ we are certain to be treated with a few surprises leading up to the big release, so keep your eyes peeled.

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