Aadya Jaswal Scours Her Insecurities in New Indie-Rock Single, ‘Hooded Figures’

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Aadya Jaswal talks about coming face-to-face with her inner demons in the latest single, ‘Hooded Figures.’

Enchanting, delicate keys get ‘Hooded Figures’ going, followed quickly by Aadya Jaswal’s arresting vocals that hint at the ominous sonic route that is to arrive. The song smoothly envelops further into a menacing, eerie atmosphere created with a distinct guitar lick and an equally effective percussive pattern, all while the singer-songwriter delivers a compelling vocal performance. Amidst its propelling indie rock realm, the song has Aadya scour the struggles with self-doubt, fears, and other nagging thoughts.

“I was experimenting on the piano, and the chords I played sounded both angelic and trippy. The words that came out ended up being slightly random and trippy as a result too,” shared the artist. “I don’t think I gave it much of a thought till my producer, Barun Sinha, and I were rewriting the song for the album though. That was when I thought about how it was written like a nightmare, how the randomness was there to make you feel like you were losing your mind, and how I wanted to create a narrative about our insecurities.”

Aadya Jaswal – ‘Hooded Figures’

The heavier tune is unlike what the singer-songwriter has released in her two previous singles – ‘Aisha’ and ‘Pariah.’ A theme as dire and dark as described in ‘Hooded Figures’ stipulated a different approach. It led Aadya to experiment with rock music, as she believed the components of the genre create the tension and urgency that the song demands while also spotlighting the intensity, drama, and strong emotions. Aadya explained how this helped the narrative for ‘Hooded Figures,’ saying, “The idea is that the speaker is running from these hooded figures that are steadily trailing behind, and, for instance, the electric guitar riff is the form that these demons take in the song. I think listeners can definitely expect to hear more rock elements in the album, especially in the second half!”

‘Hooded Figures’ is the third single off her upcoming debut album, ‘Sanctuary.’ Aadya closed out our conversation by detailing what we can expect from her imminent project, sharing, “It’s an eight song album about my journey with my thoughts, experiences, and inhibitions through the ages 15 to 20. It’s a sanctuary for the different versions of myself, a little living museum of all the ways I’ve grown and all the things I’ve learnt over the last many years.”

‘Hooded Figures’ by Aadya Jaswal is now available to stream!

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