Talal Qureshi Adds New Compositions on Debut Album, ‘TURBO’

Pakistani singer-songwriter Talal Qureshi strengthens his 2023 debut album ‘TURBO’ by adding three fresh tracks and welcoming actor/singer Asim Azhar as a collaborator, solidifying his reputation as a creative and versatile producer.

“The album was two years in the making and I took my time curating artists and my sound carefully,” says Talal Qureshi. Post-roping in a cartload of talent on either side of the Indo-Pakistan border, including the likes of Indian singer-songwriter Mitika Kanwar, composer Yashraj, and Pakistani music staples Natasha Noorani, Maanu, Blal Bloch, and more on his debut album, the electronica music producer flagged off February 2024 with ‘TURBO’ – Deluxe Edition.

Now comprising a count of fifteen tracks, Talal binds in three new elegantly composed melodies: ‘Kya’ with Pakistani singer-songwriter Asim Azhar, ‘Tarka,’ and the album-closing single ‘Good Night.’ ‘Kya’ extends three minutes and unfastens a Hindi-worded alternative pop/hip-hop tune.

Tarka‘ showcases the music producer’s command to skillfully fold in modern production techniques with cultural inspirations, revealing a rapid electronica beat. ‘Good Night‘ rounds out the revamped album pressing in a nifty exhibition of sonics, concluding with tasteful chimes and tinkles.

Speaking about the refurbished record, Talal shares, “I have been a fan of the artists I chose and I believed in their ability to help me shape the sound for my album. Every collaborator on ‘TURBO’ brought their own unique vibe and artistry. Because of their versatility, I was able to represent a whole range of genres like hip-hop, folktronica, pop, and dance.”

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