Adana Twins & Upercent Team up on the ‘Falling’ EP

The dream team combination gives us a pristine demonstration of what the Adana Twins’ TAU sound is all about.

The Adana Twins are back with a mega release for the latest TAU release – a collaboration between themselves and one of their record label’s core family members, Upercent, for the ‘Falling’ EP. Over the last few years, Upercent has brought his distinct sound to the label, contributing to the discography with several solo EPs and singles.

A formidable producer with a unique sonic identity, his link up with the Adana Twins marks a big step for the label and Upercent himself. This two-track release is full of future-retro flavor, epitomizing TAU’s highly influential sound and demonstrating the power of collaboration.

The title track, ‘Falling,’ opens the release, with an undulating bassline supporting sturdy beats with that familiar TAU swing.

A wistful male vocal gives the track its emotive appeal, flowing beautifully over the low end. Together, Upercent and the Adana Twins build out a compelling cut, with dramatic effects to complement the vocals and layers of percussion adding energy and drive to this enchanting composition.

On the flip is ‘Move,’ which has a little more urgency than ‘Falling,’ rolling out at a higher velocity with kick drums that have more power. More heartfelt vocals underpin the mood of this track, paired with romantic lyrics. This is an all-out dance floor-oriented cut that will have a maximum impact around peak time at any club. Captivating vocals, hefty beats and a range of bright, engaging synth lines and melodies combine to create an energizing track.

So, there it is: Adana Twins and Upercent, a dream team combination with a sparkling release to match.

Adana Twins & Upercent – Falling EP is out now via TAU.

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