Shubostar To Stop By Tulum On May 11

Saturday Celebrations is making its way back to you at the Papaya Playa Project! On May 11, you’ll be swayed by incredibly bouncy and fresh mixes of the latest contemporary electronic music played by South Korean artist Shubostar and a line-up of talented performers. Tickets for Saturday Celebration – Music Journey by Shubostar are brought to you by The Ticket Fairy. 

Hailing all the way from South Korea, Shubostar has been racking up eyes and a lot of fame in the underground music scene due to her unique genre, cosmic disco. It usually features disco beats at the start of each set but later gradually introduces techno elements that take one on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through electronic music. Following her performance at the Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Shubostar will take over the Merci Beaucoup Festival, Docklands Festival 2024, Love Hertz, Lost Village 2024 and more in the coming months.

While making your way to the dance floor, you’ll even get a chance to witness Tijuana-based DJ/producer and multi-instrumentalist duo of brothers known as Soul of Hex. They will warm up the stage to deliver classic house and disco music, along with relaxing jazzy tones that set the rhythm and texture that carry their performances. To keep up the energy, DJ and audio engineer Erick Martinez will drop vibrant and groovy beats that’ll have your heads banging in no time. 

If you’ve ever been to Tulum, you’ve probably already heard of the Papaya Playa Project, which is known by many locals for hosting some of the best and most impressive artists in all of Tulum from time to time. The bar at PPP has been stocked up with all your favorite spirits and refreshments, offering you an exclusive selection of cocktails. You also have access to the food menu that’ll be serving local delights as well as gourmet dishes using local ingredients. 

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