Upcoming Events at Papaya Playa Project in June 2024

Papaya Playa Project is bringing a slew of nights in June with indie DJs and producers to even well-recognized artists from all around the world! Catch YokoO, Jenia Tarsol, MAGA, Holmar and Emanuel Satie take the stage across June and layout sets that’ll have your head moving in no time. Below is a list of every event taking place in the Papaya Playa Project in June 2024 –

June 1: THE NEW MOON CELEBRATION – Music Journey By YokoO


The very first party at Papaya Playa Project will take place on June 1 with French-born musician YokoO, who has traveled all across the globe playing at the best clubs and swaying hearts in his direction. The founder of the music record label SATYA is known for his hits such as ‘Pachamama,’ ‘Yet Another Day Thinking About You,’ ‘Tarantism,’ as well as his recent album ‘You.’ More artists are slated to join YokoO at Papaya Playa Project for The New Moon Celebrations; keep an eye out for the line-up announcement!

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June 8: SATURDAY CELEBRATION – Music Journey by Jenia Tarsol

Jenia Tarsol & Jinga – Takadoom (Original Mix)

Enter Papaya Playa Project on Saturday, June 8, and find yourself lost in the sound of one of the most exciting and newest electronic dance music artists taking the world by storm, Jenia Tarsol. After his first release with his record label back in 2019, ‘Takadoom’ and ‘Back 2 Life’ were instantly number one hits on the Beatport charts. On June 8, Jenia Tarsol will be joined by Mar C and Erick Martinez to keep the night young.

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June 15: Saturday Celebration – Music Journey by @HOLMAR

From being a national swimmer to being a well-recognized DJ and producer, Holmar has done it all. After his acclaimed contribution to the Thugfucker project and having worked separately with Nico Stojan, Brian Cid, Maxxi Soundsystem and Jon Charnis, Holmar went solo in 2018. Since then, he established his record label Acid Tourism and has taken his tunes across the world. Holmar’s show at Papaya Playa Project on June 15 will see CDMX-based DJ Alena Vox join the card as the supporting artist. She is known for his fusion of dance, Italian, disco, Balearic, downtempo, house, and trance musical styles, while also keeping it innovative and contemporary.

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June 22: THE FULL MOON – Music Journey by @MAGA


After spending a decade in the music scene, MAGA has developed and explored various genres of music while traveling and visiting various clubs. He has dived deeper into live performances, with each performance being grander than the last, blending melodic, minimal, and energetic beats that helped him find his sound and production style. Catch his euphoric performance live in Tulum on June 22, with supporting acts who are yet to be announced.

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June 29: Saturday Celebration – Music by @EMANUEL SATIE

The final weekend in June at the Papaya Playa Project will have Berlin-based award-winning producer and DJ Emanuel Satie. Sharing the stage with him is DJ Nancy Kid, a local DJ and mixer known by many party-goers due to her ability to pick up sounds from different countries and implement that into her performances, with more artists to be revealed.

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Artists performing at the shows: YokoO | Jenia Tarsol | Holmar | MAGA | Emanuel Satie

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