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Gareth Popham - Music Festival Owner, Northern Bass (10,000 Capacity)

“We decided to swap to Ticket Fairy 4 years ago after nearly 10 years with the same ticket provider, due to their vastly superior technology and innovation when it comes to the marketing of tickets.

The information you can get out of the backend on your ticket purchasers is also second to none.”

Ticket Fairy is the leading festival ticketing platform designed to help festival organizers like you sell more tickets, optimize operations, and enhance the attendee experience the most successful event. Our robust platform offers a wide range of features tailored to the unique needs of festivals, ensuring your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Key Features of Ticket Fairy's Festival Ticketing Software:

  • Multi-Day Pass Support: Easily create and manage tickets for multi-day events, simplifying the ticketing process for both organizers and attendees.
  • Advanced Access Control: Streamline entry with RFID wristbands, QR code scanning that displays wristband credentials visually, and efficient check-in processes to reduce wait times and improve security.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into ticket sales, attendee demographics, and marketing performance to make data-driven decisions.
  • Seamless Marketing Integration: Leverage built-in tools to create compelling event pages, launch targeted campaigns, and track results in real-time.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Accept payments via all major credit/debit cards, Afterpay/Clearpay, Klarna, Affirm, Apple Pay, payment plans, mobile wallets and more to maximize ticket sales.

Why Choose Ticket Fairy for Your Festival?

  • Proven Track Record: Trusted by top festivals worldwide, Ticket Fairy has helped organizers boost ticket sales by 15-25% on average.
  • Unparalleled Support: Our dedicated team of event experts is available 24/7 to provide guidance and support throughout your entire event lifecycle.
  • Customizable and Scalable: Whether you're organizing a small community festival or a massive multi-day event, Ticket Fairy's festival management software adapts to your unique needs and grows with you.
  • Secure and Reliable: With advanced fraud prevention measures and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can trust Ticket Fairy to keep your event and data safe.
  • High Demand Onsales: Be confident that your ticket page will stay online even when tens of thousands of people are trying to buy tickets simultaneously. Our servers scale on demand and queue patrons when there's a sudden spike in visitors.
  • Designed for Festival Teams: Everyone in your team can use Ticket Fairy to perform their role, using our different modules in our event management software. All the tools you need in one platform, not five. Assign permissions as needed to empower your crew.

Streamline Payments and Get Paid Faster

Ticket Fairy partners with trusted payment gateways like Stripe to ensure secure, hassle-free transactions for both organizers and ticket buyers. Choose to have funds deposited directly into your account daily, or opt for Ticket Fairy's payment processing and receive payouts 10-15 business days after your event. With flexible options and transparent pricing, you'll always know exactly what to expect.

Enhance Your Festival Experience with Ticket Fairy

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Choosing the Right Festival Ticketing Software

Selecting the best festival ticketing system is crucial for efficiently managing your event. In this article, you’ll find a breakdown of the key features, pricing, and service options to look for, so you can choose a platform that meets your festival’s needs and your budget, without any promotional bias.

Key Takeaways

  • Effective festival ticketing software like Ticket Fairy provides extensive features such as multi-day passes, assigned seating, cashless payments, RFID wristbands for access control, and a mobile-friendly interface which can increase ticket sales by 15-25% for music festivals, food festivals, film festivals, beer festivals, wine festivals, and other event types.

  • Advanced tools integrated into festival management software can enhance event success, offering seamless integration with marketing efforts, customizable table maps, volunteer management, sponsorship management, vendor management, and features encouraging attendee engagement.

  • Cloud-based festival ticketing software streamlines the event planning process, allowing event organizers to manage box office operations, generate custom reports, and access real-time data from any device. This flexibility enables festival organizers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their events for maximum success.

As an event organizer, the choice of event ticketing software can make or break your festival. The best solutions allow you to sell tickets online, streamline your ticket sales and manage large festivals with ease. But with several event ticketing software options available in the market, it can be challenging to pinpoint the one that best suits your needs.

Ticket Fairy stands out for its comprehensive integrated system that goes beyond just selling tickets. It offers a plethora of features for managing ticket sales, analyzing marketing data, controlling access, and engaging with attendees. What makes it a favorite among event professionals is its ability to boost ticket sales by 15-25% through its unique referral system. Ticket Fairy’s emphasis on enhancing sales and optimizing management strategies has led to its widespread adoption in the event industry.

Key Features to Look For

The right festival ticketing software should offer tools that not only streamline your event setup but also handle your ticketing needs with efficiency. Key features to look for include:

  • Support for multi-day passes and multi-day events

  • Wristband management and RFID access control

  • Customizable table maps and assigned seating

  • Multiple payment gateways including cashless payments and drink tokens

  • Event check-in and access control points

  • Analytics and reporting with custom reports

  • Email and social media integration

  • Security and fraud prevention

  • A mobile-friendly interface

These features are essential for music festivals, food festivals, film festivals, and other complex events. They can enhance the event experience for the attendees and ensure a successful event.

For example, multi-day pass support and wristband management can facilitate efficient ticketing and access control at multiple events, while customizable seating charts can prioritize guest comfort and improve the overall event experience. Access control solutions ensure secure entry and exit, preventing unauthorized access. These features provide the necessary flexibility and convenience for accommodating last-minute adjustments, contributing to the most successful event.

Evaluating Pricing and Support

Not only features and functionality matter, but pricing and support provided by the ticketing software are also significant factors to consider. Ticket Fairy, for example, offers:

  • A complimentary online event ticketing system for free events

  • A fee-per-ticket sold pricing model for paid tickets or NFT token-gated events

  • Service fee percentages that go down as the ticket price goes up (in addition to payment processing costs)

This pricing model is in line with other platforms such as Eventbrite.

When it comes to support, Ticket Fairy provides:

  • Round-the-clock customer support

  • Well-prepared staff to promptly address any technical issues or glitches

  • A dependable resource for inquiries as they arise

This ensures a smooth experience for all your events, including complex events, in person events, and your next event, on your event page.

Harnessing Advanced Tools for Festival Success

Advanced festival management software like Ticket Fairy offers powerful tools that can enhance your festival's success. Among these are multi-day passes, wristband management, and customizable seating charts. These tools can give you the edge in managing a successful event, whether it's a small community gathering or a multi-day music festival drawing tens of thousands of attendees.

In addition to these features, festival management tools integrate with marketing efforts, facilitating:

  • the creation of landing pages and call-to-actions

  • ensuring a consistent brand image with content and design

  • collecting registrations via email

  • leveraging social media to spread the word about the event

Effective sponsorship management and volunteer management are also critical for festival success. Ticket Fairy's festival ticketing software provides robust tools for managing sponsors and volunteers, streamlining communication and coordination.

Access control is another vital aspect of festival management. Ticket Fairy's access control solutions ensure secure entry and exit, preventing unauthorized access. Features like RFID wristbands, QR codes, and credential management streamline the access control process, enhancing security and improving the attendee experience.

This makes it an essential tool for festival teams.

General Admission, Multi-Day Passes and Wristband Management

The implementation of multi-day passes and wristband management can potentially enhance the festival experience for attendees by offering:

  • Quick identification for security

  • Expedited access and efficient entry

  • Insights into attendee behavior

  • Decreased risk of ticket loss

  • Reduced wait times for admissions and attractions

  • Improved security through visible identification.

Festival organizers can efficiently handle multi-day passes by leveraging ticketing software such as Ticket Fairy. This software allows them to generate event tickets for multi-day events and verifies that attendees present the appropriate wristband or credential during ticket scanning. Additionally, wristbands integrated with NFC technology facilitate the management of different festival aspects, including vendor onboarding, establishment of cashless payment top-up points for food and drink purchases, and promotion of attendee engagement.

Customizable Seating Charts

Customizable seating charts and assigned seating offer key advantages to both organizers and attendees. For organizers, they provide:

  • The flexibility to optimize ticket sales through detailed visuals and seat view images

  • Enhanced user experience by enabling attendees to choose their preferred seats

  • Personalizing the seating experience for VIP guests or special attendees

  • Streamlining event management

For attendees, customizable seating charts enable event organizers to customize seating arrangements according to attendee preferences. This focus on comfort, visibility, and proximity to specific event features enhances the overall attendee experience, leading to increased satisfaction and personalized enjoyment.

Integrating Festival Ticketing with Marketing Efforts

Seamlessly integrating your festival ticketing with your marketing efforts can significantly boost your ticket sales. The integration can be achieved through various methods, including:

  • Email marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Influencer marketing

  • Retargeting ads

  • Analytics and data tracking

A key aspect of this integration is the implementation of reward programs and referral systems. Such systems incentivize ticket purchasers to spread the word about your event among their connections, offering essential marketing and analytics capabilities to help you optimize your revenue opportunities.

Reward Programs and Referral Systems

Reward programs and referral systems play a significant role in shaping the behavioral loyalty of festival attendees by:

  • Encouraging repeat attendance

  • Encouraging active engagement

  • Fostering a stronger connection to the brand

  • Leading to sustained support

  • Increasing ticket sales

  • Ultimately enhancing the customer lifetime value for organizers.

Food and Drink Events

Many festivals include food and drink components, such as food festivals, beer festivals, and wine festivals. Via our RFID/Cashless Payments integrations, Ticket Fairy's festival ticketing software provides robust support for these types of events, with features like:

  • Drink tokens and cashless payments for efficient transactions
  • Vendor management tools for coordinating food and beverage suppliers
  • Customizable add-ons for VIP experiences and special tastings

These features enable festival organizers to create memorable food and drink experiences for attendees while streamlining operations and maximizing revenue opportunities.

Multi-Day Passes and Wristband Management

The implementation of multi-day passes and wristband management can potentially enhance the festival experience for attendees by offering:

  • Quick identification for security

  • Expedited access and efficient entry

  • Insights into attendee behavior

  • Decreased risk of ticket loss

  • Reduced wait times for admissions and attractions

  • Improved security through visible identification.

Upselling Opportunities and VIP Experiences

Upselling opportunities in festival ticketing can significantly boost your revenue. These opportunities include offering additional events or experiences such as VIP access, or exclusive workshops, and providing discounts for purchasing multiple tickets or bundling other benefits with ticket purchases.

The best practices for implementing upselling during the ticket purchasing process involve:

  • Utilizing incentives such as discounts, bonuses, or freebies

  • Engaging customers with open-ended questions

  • Introducing upsells at the appropriate time

  • Customizing pitches to each buyer’s specific needs

Access Control and Fraud Prevention

Reliable ticketing software should inherently possess features such as access control and fraud prevention. Ticket Fairy ensures secure ticket transfers by mandating that all transfers are carried out through the ‘Sell Ticket’ function on their website, thereby guaranteeing that the transfer of ticket use or ownership is regulated and authentic.

In addition to this, Ticket Fairy provides credit card fraud protection by implementing measures such as requiring the individual ticket names to match photo ID at the door and enabling secure person-to-person ticket transfers only at face value, thereby preventing scalping and unauthorized sales.

Customizing Your Festival Ticketing Experience

The ability of an event organizer to tailor the festival ticketing experience can have a significant impact on attendee satisfaction. Ticket Fairy offers extensive customization options, including the ability to tailor event pages and utilize data capture fields in festival ticketing software.

Customizing the festival ticketing experience contributes to enhancing attendee satisfaction through:

  • the provision of a personalized and convenient process

  • seamless registration and check-in

  • integration with event apps

  • the creation of a unique experience tailored specifically to the needs and interests of attendees.

Analyzing Attendee Data for Future Success

Insights into demographics, geographics, and attendee preferences can be garnered through the analysis of attendee data, aiding event organizers in planning for future triumphs. Ticket Fairy offers a wide range of features for analyzing attendee data, providing data analytics and insights that enable event organizers to gain a deeper understanding of their audience.

The process of interpreting demographic data includes:

  • Collecting information on age, race, gender, location, and income

  • Analyzing this data to identify patterns

  • Creating attendee personas to represent the target audience

  • Refining these personas with customer data and event feedback.

Cloud-based festival ticketing software like Ticket Fairy allows festival organizers to access real-time data and generate custom reports from any device. This flexibility empowers data-driven decision making and facilitates continuous improvement for future events.

Payment Processing and Payout Options

Flexibility and convenience in payment processing and payout options are necessities for event organizers. Ticket Fairy offers the following options:

  • Connect with Stripe for daily payouts

  • Use Ticket Fairy payment processing, with payouts made 10-15 business days after the event

  • Other payment gateways like RazorPay and Xendit are also supported.

Integrating Stripe benefits event ticketing platforms by:

  • Enhancing payment management capabilities

  • Facilitating direct credit card payments on the event website

  • Providing access to multiple payment platforms such as AfterPay and ClearPay

  • Accepting all major card brands

  • Enhancing security measures to combat fraud

  • Automating ticket tracking

  • Offering customizable payout periods with flexible onboarding procedures.

Supporting multiple payment options in the buying process increases conversion rates:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Afterpay / Clearpay
  • Klarna
  • Affirm
  • Local wallets
  • Internet banking

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Frequently Asked Questions for Event Organizers

Ticketing Features for Music Festivals

I need a festival ticketing platform. What festival-specific features do you provide compared to generic event ticketing platforms?

Festival ticketing is particularly difficult as festivals are complex events and have unique needs. Ticket Fairy has been designed to support the largest, most challenging events, festivals being one of the best examples. With our festival ticketing software, you can create event tickets for multi day events, show the correct wristband or credential when a ticket is scanned to maximize door throughput and reduce long lines, and manage accreditation and guest lists at scale. You can even make multiple ticket pages and target marketing campaigns to different content, such as a page for a specific stage or music genre. We are your comprehensive festival management software for music festivals, food festivals and film festivals, made with festival producers in mind.

How do festival multi day passes work?

You can create ticket types that are valid for a single day or multiple days, and set a valid scanning range for each. Once the ticket is scanned, you would issue the correct wristband to the ticket holder for the entire validity of that ticket type.

Is Ticket Fairy suitable for music festivals of all sizes?

Yes, Ticket Fairy is designed to cater to festivals of all sizes, from small community events to large-scale, multi-day music festivals. Our scalable platform adapts to your unique needs, ensuring a seamless experience for organizers and attendees alike. Use our music festival management software to reduce your workload and keep your festival team all on the same page.

How does Ticket Fairy help with festival marketing efforts?

Ticket Fairy offers a range of built-in marketing tools to help you promote your festival effectively. From customizable event pages and targeted email campaigns to social media integration and affiliate marketing, our platform provides everything you need to reach your target audience and drive ticket sales.

Can Ticket Fairy handle the unique access control needs of festivals?

Absolutely. Ticket Fairy offers advanced access control features, including RFID wristband integration, QR code scanning, and real-time attendee tracking. Our platform ensures secure entry and exit, reduces wait times, and provides valuable insights into attendee behavior, allowing you to optimize your festival operations.

How does Ticket Fairy support cashless payments at festivals?

Ticket Fairy seamlessly integrates with leading cashless payment providers, enabling you to offer a convenient and secure payment experience for your attendees. From RFID wristbands to mobile wallet solutions, our platform supports a wide range of cashless payment options, streamlining transactions and reducing cash handling on-site.

Can I use Ticket Fairy to manage my festival's vendors and sponsors?

Yes, Ticket Fairy provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing vendors and sponsors. Our platform allows you to easily coordinate vendor applications, contracts, and payments, while also providing valuable exposure for your sponsors through customizable branding opportunities and targeted marketing campaigns.

Ticket Fees and Pricing

Who pays for your ticket fee?

In most cases, the ticketing fees are paid for by the ticket buyer, but you can optionally choose to absorb it instead. We keep the service fee per ticket reasonable for your ticket buyers, unlike most of the event ticketing industry. The ticket fee percentage depends on your ticket price, and includes the cost of credit card processing.

Do you charge for free events?

No, we do not. There is no cost for free events - it's a totally free event ticketing system. We only charge if you are selling a paid ticket or an NFT token-gated ticket.

Who pays the payment processor fee for Stripe payments?

The Stripe payment gateway fees for processing payments are included in the Ticket Fairy service fee that's added to each ticket, so the ticket buyer covers these processing costs. There is no cost to event organizers.

Do you charge for issuing guest tickets?

There is no charge for issuing guest tickets. These are free tickets and are not subject to any ticket fee.

Payments and Payout of Ticket Revenue

How do event payments work and when do I get my ticket revenue?

If you connect your own Stripe account, you get daily payouts from Stripe directly, getting your exact ticket price / face value into your bank account. Just add your bank details in Stripe's dashboard. You don't pay the Stripe credit card processing fee. It's paid for from the ticket fees that ticket buyers pay. If you choose to use Ticket Fairy payment processing, we pay you 10-15 business days after your event. We also support other payment gateways like RazorPay in India and Xendit in Indonesia.

What makes the payment gateway within your event ticketing software reliable?

We partner with trusted payment gateway providers, such as Stripe, Adyen, Razorpay and Xendit, ensuring your transactions are secure and smooth when you sell tickets. The processing fee for each payment gateway is included in the overall ticket service fee, and does not cut into your ticket face value, unless you choose to absorb it.

Can I sell event tickets at the door?

Yes, we integrate with Stripe Terminal card readers for door sales, with full financial reporting in our dashboard, showing how many onsite ticket sales you had vs online ticket sales.

Can I receive online payments into my PayPal account?

No, you must use a supported payment integration like Stripe.

Can I offer payment plans to my customers?

Yes, we use Stripe Subscriptions to power our payment plans functionality.

Are there any setup fees or monthly fees?

No, there is only a service/booking fee added to each ticket that the ticket buyer pays, which includes the Stripe payment processing fee. There are no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Event Page Customization, Custom Branding, and Event Website Integration

What level of customization do you provide?

You can upload custom backgrounds and headers to customize your event page, collect custom information using data capture fields and configure many different features from our event management dashboard.

Can I sell tickets on my own website or mobile apps using a white label solution?

We have a white label festival ticketing system that allows the entire event ticket buying experience to happen on your event website or in your mobile app, taking on your own look and feel. Your attendees will be able to buy tickets in the same place as all your other event content. Book a demo with our team to discuss how.

Virtual Events

Do you support virtual events?

Yes, we have full support for online events. Contact our support team if you need help with setting up a streaming server.

Event Ticketing Features

Do you support add ons?

Yes, you can define add ons that will be presented to your festival ticket buyers once they have chosen the ticket type they want to buy.