Beyond Wellness

Sunday, 30 July 2017, 9:00am

Undisclosed Location, Manly [All Ages]

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who is curious about hitting this up, I HIGHLY recommend you go! I went to the first meetup and was blown away by Zac's knowledge in health, nutrition, goal-setting and entrepreneurship. Not only that but the way he shares his journey, findings and recommendations with everyone was so interactive and informative... I left with a string of links to explore for weeks afterwards. Did I mention the man also prepares the food himself, right in front of you? Homemade coconut ice cream anyone? If you're a fan of self-improvement but have been put off by $500+ event tickets and thinly-veiled MLM recruitment schemes, go to this and be very, very refreshed." Adrian Lee

"This was such a great and inspirational day! Zac is such a wealth of information and has really helped us target our goals and want to reach them!." Tiffany Dee

"This event was amazing!! So much great information - loved it!! You are so engaging as well in the way you present. I really loved the group exercises too." Kimara Rio Houtzaager

"I enjoyed this session back in August and I learned so much from it, not just on the "hows" but more importantly the "whys" of healthy living. Zac did a great job with sharing a holistic view of health and wellbeing that can easily be applied in one's life. And as an added bonus - I got to have a chicken broth, green shake, and homemade healthy ice cream! Definitely worth it and I would highly recommend... I'm actually thinking of attending it again!." Dondon Bales


You're probably like...

"Sounds epic but... let's get real, what are you seriously going to talk about on the day... "

So on the day we will cover:

- How to make being 'healthy' easy, simple and fun
- Connect with other World changing legends who are also on this journey too
- We cover the 3 steps to lasting change in any area of life
- The Wim Hov method (google it)
- How to truly hydrate your body
- Gut health tips
- Healthy FOOD provided
- That 1 thing that stopping you from getting results in the gym
- How to make bone broth
- We go through the most powerful process on creating motivation and inspiration for long term success
- We talk fasting/ cleansing
- How to have a life that is 10/10 in all areas
- We discovery whats important to YOU and how to create alignment in your day
- Stop getting in your own way and start living into your full potential
- Recondition old patters, beliefs, behaviours.... pretty much anything that is in your way
- The exercise that gets the best results that most people dont even know about
- How to never get an injury in the gym
- Talks from experts
- How to truly appreciate and be grateful for YOUR body
- Eye gazing process The Human Connection Movement
- Strategies for better sleep, drop fat, increased muscle, better brain stamina and remove stress from your life
- Next level fun!

When: 30th - July - 2017 - 9:00am-5pm
Where: ADDISON RD - MANLY - 2095
Contact Zac: 0403 702 111
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- Healthy FOOD
- Smoothies
- Snacks
- Raw-icecream
- Vegetarian/ vegan soup or
- Meat option