Bluetech Lucidity Preparty

. Haven Underground , Nevada City [All Ages]

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Euphonic Conceptions, Legion of Bloom and Lucidity present:
The Official Nevada City Lucidity preparty featuring:

DJ Dragonfly

Evan Bluetech produces his unique style of digital downtempo from the West Coast of North America. Classically trained on the piano for public performing, Bluetech deviated from the traditional structure of classical music and being to relearn the instrument from an energetic and tonal perspective. This resulted in his interpretation of nature's expression of being, establishing a playing style that is ambient, downtempo and improvisational. Explosions in technology and software have enabled him to explore the edges of contemporary music production, and a sound has developed which draws from the psychedelic community as well as the experimental/IDM community. His style fits somewhere snuggly between the two, and has been described as PsyDM (psytelligent dance music) and SpaceHop. Crawling behind his living room sound system listening to classical music with headphones on when he was 4, was when he first fell in love with music. He left his body and traveled through the landscapes of sound. It all began with a piano. His music continually grows. He’s come full circle in many ways, with new releases this year having a strong ambient quality to them that is reminiscent of his early work. It has evolved though; the musical geometries unfold in different ways, and move in different directions.

A magic carpet ride of sound transports the dancefloor when Dragonfly throws down his full-spectrum, body-mind-soul transglobal sound experience where cutting-edge, polyrhythmic akashic bass meets primordial sound, elastic dream tempo, tribal mayhem, and ecstatic bliss.

Internationally acclaimed clutch DJ for when you need to get it just right, a dancers DJ, Sharu’s sound pushes you to the limits liberating your mind, body and buddhi. Studied in many genres of electronic music since the late 90’s, Sharu’s has a seasoned ear for blending a dynamic journey unifying any dance floor. He is among the most sought-after DJs in the conscious dance movement playing events world-wide, including Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, and all over the US in Hawaii, East and West coast and in between. Sharu has a deep understanding of how music and dance can be an analogy for the merging of the individual soul with the infinite. He knows that music is not just heard by the ears but experienced by the entire body. As a Vedic Astrologer, timing is at the crux of his methodology. His sensitivity to the moment informs the choice of music he plays to ignite any dance floor!

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