LOCUS Tulum 2024

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Refund Policy: All tickets can be resold via Ticket Fairy resale if you can no longer attend.

5-Day Pass
5-Day Pass - General Release
US$ 387.72 (incl. fees)
3-Day Pass
3-Day Pass - Friday / Saturday / Sunday
US$ 312.12 (incl. fees)
Locales Con Id De México
Locales Pase 5 Días
US$ 195.11 (incl. fees)

Deberá mostrar una Identificación oficial de México en el punto de check-in y recogida de brazaletes. No reembolsable. Reventa a través de Ticket Fairy permitida.

Locales Pase 3 Días - Viernes / Sábado / Domingo
US$ 158.05 (incl. fees)

Deberá mostrar una Identificación oficial de México en el punto de check-in y recogida de brazaletes. No reembolsable. Reventa a través de Ticket Fairy permitida.

1-Day Pass
1-Day Pass - Wednesday
US$ 118.81 (incl. fees)
1-Day Pass - Thursday
US$ 118.81 (incl. fees)
1-Day Pass - Friday
US$ 118.81 (incl. fees)
1-Day Pass - Saturday
US$ 118.81 (incl. fees)
1-Day Pass - Sunday
US$ 118.81 (incl. fees)

We are excited to announce the next edition of LOCUS Tulum, taking place from 13-17 March 2024. 🥰

Join us for 5 days of drum 'n' bass in paradise in some of the world's most incredible venues 🔊🎉

Official website with partner hotel / transportation booking links and travel FAQs:

Full 2024 lineup

Wednesday 13 March - Leemba Beach Club

A.M.C (Digging Deep Set) - Teebee - Voltage Presents Record Box - DJ Flight - Harriet Jaxxon - Technimatic - Mob Tactics - Amit - Murdock - Squake

Thursday 14 March - Leemba Beach Club

Break - S.P.Y - Pola & Bryson - Makoto - Seba - Polaris - Emily Makis & Hi-Phi - Submotive - Reid Speed - Godfatha

Friday 15 March - Leemba Beach Club

Fabio & Grooverider - Machinedrum - Calyx - Visages - Klute - Rohaan - Dub Phizix & Strategy - Keeno (Live) - Ama - Viewer

Saturday 16 March - Buuts' Ha' Cenote Club

Ed Rush & Optical - Jenna G (Live PA) - Kemal & Rob Data - Monrroe - Degs - Kimyan Law (Live) - Quadrant & Iris - Dom & Roland - Sabrina - Dip Vertigo

Sunday 17 March- Buuts' Ha' Cenote Club

London Elektricity - DJ Marky - Dieselboy (Throwback Set) - Lenzman - PAV4N - Daniel Bedingfield (Live) - Dom & Kemal - Richter B2B Fallen - Flavor - Rit LOCUS

Hosted by:

Armanni Reign - MC Dino - Duskee - Dynamite MC - Fox - MC GQ - Jakes - MC Lowqui - Rage - MC Ridda - Sirius Soundz - SP:MC - Stamina MC - T.R.A.C.

Check out these videos from 2023's festival:



Getting Here

When should I arrive/leave?

The festivities officially kick off on Wednesday March 13th and finish late Sunday the 17th night/Monday morning, so we recommend ariving on Tuesday the 12th and staying until at least Monday the 18th.

Which airport do I fly into and how do I get to Tulum?

The closest airports will be the newly opened Tulum airport or Cancun, which is well-serviced by direct flights from many cities around the world.

For transport from either of those airports we have partnered with Serendipity Experiences to get you a great deal. Click here to book directly with our official shuttle partner.

For a budget friendly option there is also a bus that takes you into Tulum town centre, from there you can take a taxi to your final destination.

Where should I stay?

Are there any hotels you'd recommend?

Absolutely! We have partnered with a couple hotels to do our best in getting you the best rates for your stay during the event!

Click this link below to check out the different options we have available.



Can I pick up my wristband before the festival?

We will be doing an early pickup on March 12. More details on location to be released the week of the event.

Please make sure to bring your ticket and ID so we can issue your wristband(s).

Can I pick up my wristband at the event?

Yes! You can pick up your wristband upon arrival to the festival at all locations during the event. We will stop issuing 2 hours prior to close each day.

Do I have to get a new wristband every day?

No! If you've bought a weekend pass, you will have one wristband for the entire weekend! 

If you've bought a single day or 2 day pass, you will get a band for those specific days.

What if my wristband gets too tight?

If your wristband gets too tight on your wrist, please bring the wristband, along with your ID and ticket to the Box Office and we will replace it.

The Order ID must be in your name along with your identification matching the order ID in order for us to replace the wristband.

There may be a fee for a replacement wristband.

If I have a weekend pass, can I let a friend use it on a day I can't attend?

No. Tickets and Wristbands are not transferrable and can only be used by the original purchaser.

Venue Information

What can I bring and what is not permitted?

Please note, you can bring a small bag but personal property wll be subject to a security search. There will not be any bag storage at any location. 

You're welcome to bring a towel with you for any venues that have water activities. Please note that the only sunscreen approved at cenotes is Reef Safe Sunscreen. 

No professional cameras or professional recording devices will be permitted. Prolonged recording of any set in any format is strictly prohibited.

Go Pro's are allowed without tripods.

No illegal contraband will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to weapons, illegal substances, excessive amounts of prescribed medication (only the amount needed for that day will be permitted), etc.

No outside food or drink will be allowed at any of the venues. Yes, this includes water.

No animals are allowed at the event unless they are service animals. Emotional support animals will not be allowed.

Will there be table service?

This will depend on the venue. 

Nothing will be purchased in advance, but if you're interested in purchasing a table, please see an employee of the venue, or ask any of the Locus team to assist you!

Is Re-Entry Allowed?

Yes, we allow re-entry at all of our venues. Keep in mind, you are subject to be searched every time you re-enter the venue.

What if I can't attend anymore?

What do I do if I'm unable to attend the event after I've already purchased a ticket?

As much as we would love to see you at the event, we do understand things happen that cause plans to change. The good news is, we have verified resale so you can sell your ticket to someone else who wants to attend!

  • Log into your Ticket Fairy Account
  • Click on "My Tickets"
  • Choose your 2024 Locus event ticket
  • Choose "Sell my Ticket"
  • You can either sell it directly to someone or you can sell it to the waiting list

Keep in mind, the waiting list is only active once tickets have sold out, so we recommend trying to find someone else to buy it from you if there are tickets still for sale on the event site.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Unfortunately there are no refunds for Locus 2024 event tickets. 

We have turned on verified resale to give you the option to sell your ticket if you can no longer attend. 

LOCUS Shuttle

Do we get a wristband for the shuttle?

Once you have purchased your shuttle pass, upon arrival for your first trip, you will receive your wristband that will be good for the entire weekend. 

Do not lose your wristband, as they are not able to be issued again.

If for some reason your wristband is damaged, please hold onto it and bring back to one of the team members to exchange it for you. You will need your ID and original ticket in order to have it replaced. Wristbands will not be replaced without the damaged band being returned.

Where are the shuttle pickups?

Hunab Lifestyle - Centro

Los Morros - Aldea Zama

Los Morros - La Veleta

Click here for more information

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