LOVE BOAT  - Darwin Pride 24

Ages 18+
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🚢💖 Set Sail with the LOVE BOAT, Darwin Pride - High Camp on the High Seas! 💖🚢

Date: 📅 June 23, 2024
Ahoy, party pirates and glamour guppies! Mark your calendars! Our ship of shimmer sets sail on the sparkly waters of Darwin Harbour. Don’t be a landlubber—join us for a splashy spectacular you won’t forget! 🧜‍♀️

Starting Point: Stokes Hill Wharf 📍 Join us at Stokes Hill Wharf where our journey begins. Be there or be docked!

Entertainment: 🎧 🎶👑 Set your compass to fun with DJ BENNYGOLD and Rica G spinning the hottest tracks from the helm! Plus, witness the fabulous Vogue MegaQueen, and the fantastic Prawn Cracker Spice lighting up the stage. Dive deep into tales with our enchanting mermaid drag queens during adult storytime!

Boarding Time: 🕦 11:30 AM
The gangplank graces your grace at 11:30 AM sharp! Fashionably early is the new fashionable—don't miss the boat!

Departure: 🕛 12:00 Noon
We weigh anchor at high noon! Be on deck as the beats drop and the fun floats up.

Docking: 🕑 2:15 PM
All good things must pause (but only for a mo). We’ll touch terra firma at 2:15 PM, but worry not—the memories will stick like barnacles!

Disembarkation: 🕝 2:30 PM
Say your sea-ya-laters by 2:30 PM! Make sure you grab all your gear and prepare to anchor ashore with stories to tell.

Get Your Sea Legs Ready: Pack your best sailor outfit and prepare for a wave of fun. It’s not just love in the air—it’s love on the harbour!

  1. Jonathan P
  2. Jenna N
  3. Cameron M
  5. Hayley K
  6. Kelly E