The Branding Music Festival 2015

. Lyonfield , Lake Wanaka [Ages 18+]

2-Day Ticket
169.00 NZ$ (excl. Fees)
2-Day Premium Ticket
209.00 NZ$ (excl. Fees)
1-Day Ticket - 31st Dec
99.00 NZ$ (excl. Fees)
1-Day Premium Ticket - 31st Dec
139.00 NZ$ (excl. Fees)
1-Day Ticket - 1st Jan
89.00 NZ$ (excl. Fees)
1-Day Premium Ticket - 1st Jan
99.00 NZ$ (excl. Fees)
Boots & Buckle Bundle
Sold Out
Premium Boots & Buckle Bundle
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Sales for this event are closed.


  • Select your and/or your friends' festival pass(es)
  • You will be taken to an Upgrade page where you can purchase your camping upgrades. You can also purchase your bus passes and merch here.
  • Complete your credit card details and Submit Payment

Maximum purchase is 7 per person. Please note, booking fees apply. The Branding Music Festival is a R18 Event.

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  1. Emily G
  2. Morgan P
  3. Cameron M
  4. Simon B
  5. Claire I
  6. Claudia M
  7. Meghan B
  8. Sommer O
  9. Devon C
  10. Lisa V
  11. Nicole B
  12. Kendal R
  13. Quinlan D
  14. Joseph B
  15. Georgia D
  16. Abbi A
  17. Kelly B
  18. Jennifer N
  19. Emma M
  20. Hayley D