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Klymax Discotheque, a nightclub featuring state-of-the-art sound, booth, design and lighting, designed from ground to sound in partnership with the legendary DJ Harvey.

Channelling knowledge and experience acquired over 40-plus years operating at the pinnacle of the dance underground, scene icon and longtime friend DJ Harvey has helped to ensure every detail has been carefully considered and executed to contribute to the most complete dancefloor experience imaginable.

The sound system was custom-built to Harvey’s specifications by revered audio engineer, George Stavro. Rich, finely poised and immaculately detailed, the system creates a vast sonic sweet spot, presenting the music exactly as it was intended to be heard with every nuance intact – perfectly pitched to optimise the audio experience.

The club's interior – designed with Potato Head Design Studio in collaboration with Dutch architects OMA – is acoustically treated to tame errant frequencies and features a sprung dance floor.

Klymax is open every weekend hosting a carefully curated program comprised of esteemed international headline DJs and hand-picked local residents.