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Mexico City can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the city and don’t have many local friends. This page will help you plan fantastic nights out and discover the best raves, gigs, electronic music festivals, and niche CDMX events.

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Brief snapshot of Mexico City

Mexico City is a bright, sophisticated metropolis with a cool alpine climate. It's the largest city in Mexico with a current metro area population of 22, 085,000 inhabitants --- more than the entire state of New York. It’s a diverse city, too — 31% of all foreigners in Mexico live in the capital.

You can start exploring Mexico City in the daytime hours by visiting Roma and Condesa, artsy neighborhoods with picturesque boutiques, fountains, taco stands, vintage shops, food markets, and quirky murals. They’re full of cozy bars with gardens and terraces. There, you’ll also stumble upon a variety of clubs with diverse music, from techno DJ sets to salsa.

If you have more time, make sure to check out other vibrant Mexico City areas such as Juárez, Tabacalera, San Rafael, and Santa María la Ribera.

Event venues in Mexico City

For an evening with cocktails and hip electronic music, go straight to Departamento or Deleted Souls, well-known local bars. If you’re craving authentic music, a festive atmosphere, and dancing, Mama Rumba can be a great place for you.

Teatro Metropólitan is a traditional movie palace that also hosts lots of musical acts. You can also listen to live music at Auditorio BlackBerry.

Another popular venue in Mexico City is Multiforo Alicia, a cultural center with a fun atmosphere and a more underground vibe. Here, you can listen to punk, rap, metal, free jazz, blues, and more. Multiforo 246 offers a similar experience — it’s a free-spirited venue functioning as a bar, a restaurant, and a gallery.

Annual events in Mexico City

Corona Capital is an annual music festival with incredible lineups featuring artists like Arctic Monkeys, Miley Cyrus, White Lies, and Foals. It sells out quickly, so it’s recommended that you purchase advanced tickets.

Zona MACO Fair is a biennial art fair showcasing vintage and antiques as well as contemporary and modern artworks and designs. The fair is usually accompanied by lectures, workshops, and other activities for visitors.

If you want to participate in Mexico City's cultural events, a popular option is Vive Latino, an annual Latin American music festival featuring a great variety of genres. It’s one of the most significant Mexican festivals, and it usually lasts two or three days. The event also includes acts by Latin bands located in the US and non-Spanish-speaking artists.

Ambulante Film Festival is a thrilling event for cinema lovers. It’s an independent traveling documentary movie festival reaching an audience of 100,000 people on average. The festival also includes conferences, seminars, and public talks.

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