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G'day, mate! Welcome to the dedicated event listings page for Arcade - Joondalup's hidden gem of a live event venue that you absolutely need to experience. Located in the heart of Western Australia, Arcade has been dazzling both tourists and locals alike with its unique charm and unforgettable events. So, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned attendee, this is your one-stop-shop for all things Arcade.

Nestled within the bustling city of Joondalup, Arcade stands out as an intimate and eclectic venue that caters to a diverse range of tastes. From music aficionados to art enthusiasts, there's something for everyone at this funky spot. With its distinctive industrial-chic design and cosy atmosphere, it's no wonder that Arcade has become synonymous with good times and great memories.

When it comes to events, Arcade has hosted some truly memorable nights featuring both commercial and underground artists from various genres. For instance, who could forget when electronic music producer ShockOne brought the house down with his electrifying beats? Or when indie-folk singer-songwriter Riley Pearce serenaded us with his soulful tunes? These are just a few examples of the incredible talent that has graced the stage at Arcade.

But it doesn't stop there! In addition to hosting live performances by DJs, singers, and bands from around the globe, Arcade also serves as a platform for local talent to shine. The venue frequently showcases up-and-coming artists from Western Australia who are eager to make their mark on the scene. So if you're keen on discovering fresh sounds and supporting homegrown talent, look no further than Arcade.

Now let's talk about those positive vibes we mentioned earlier! One thing's for sure - attending an event at Arcade is guaranteed to be a night you won't soon forget. With its welcoming staff and laid-back atmosphere, you'll feel right at home as soon as you step through the doors. And as the night unfolds, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of good tunes, great company, and unforgettable moments.

As for the grub, Arcade knows how to keep its patrons satisfied. The venue boasts an impressive menu featuring mouth-watering dishes that cater to a variety of dietary preferences. From scrumptious share plates to hearty mains, you're bound to find something that tickles your taste buds at Arcade.

So there you have it - a glimpse into the wonderful world of Arcade in Joondalup. If you've been searching for the perfect spot to catch live music or simply enjoy a night out with friends, look no further than this iconic venue. With its eclectic mix of events and inviting atmosphere, Arcade is truly a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best that Western Australia has to offer.

Now that we've piqued your interest, why not check out our list of upcoming events at Arcade? You never know - your next unforgettable night might be just around the corner! So go on, grab your mates and get ready to make some memories at Joondalup's one and only Arcade. Cheers!