Resale Policy

Ticket Fairy tickets are non-transferable, unless the option to resell your ticket has specifically been made available to you in the My Tickets area of the Ticket Fairy website. To check if your ticket is currently transferable, please log in to your Ticket Fairy account, go to My Tickets and select your Order. If you see a ‘Sell Ticket’ button next to a ticket, you may resell that ticket to another person.

All transfers must be conducted via the ‘Sell Ticket’ function on the Ticket Fairy website. It is not permitted to transfer the use or ownership of a Ticket Fairy ticket on or via a third-party resale platform, social media network, private transaction or any other method or protocol. Ticket Fairy tickets can only be transferred via official resale (via the ‘Sell Ticket’ function).

This function is also the only way to change the name and transfer ownership of the ticket to someone else. ‘Name changes’ alone are no longer enabled and all transfers must be initiated via the resale function.

The reselling or transfer of a ticket outside of the official resale functions, whether actual or intended, is a violation of Ticket Fairy’s Resale Policy and may result in the suspension of the offending User’s account and the subsequent cancellation of all tickets held within it. Both Ticket Fairy and the event organizer reserve the right to cancel tickets that are subject to a violation of this policy, at any time and without notice.