Banat Debuts Newest Single ‘For The Child In You’

Delhi-based classically trained singer/songwriter, Banat, recently dropped her new single ‘For The Child In You’ on 27 August of 2020.



Banat, a singer/songwriter from Delhi recently dropped her new single ‘For the child in you’ on 27 August 2020. Being an avid animal lover her recent single is about her oldest cat who is as cat-like as she can be – lazy, grumpy and territorial. But despite her odd idiosyncrasies she’s also unpredictably child like.

The music video is a take on the concept of being comfortable in one’s own skin/nature/preference, which is seen throughout the music video in the lens of a man who feels closely connected to his feline. He not only feels deeply attached to her but also connects to her traits. As the video progresses, he slowly starts feeling at one with himself.

The artist debuted her first single on 16th February of 2017 titled Moon. This single was met with overwhelming praise across all platforms, and boasts whimsical, yet melancholic lyrics paired with an almost-hypnotic background.

Banat started learning to play the harmonium at the age of five with ‘Kirtan’. Her involuntary Harmonium lessons as a child got her interested when she first heard Rock Music, pushing her to take up guitar a few years later. Growing up in a traditional Punjabi household, she got back into her roots and embraced her culture.

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