Lady Gaga Wins Tricon Award at the VMAs

Lady Gaga became the first-ever recipient of the MTV Tricon award at the Video Music Awards (VMA) last week. She was honoured for her exceptional feats as a singer, actor, fashion trailblazer, activism, and much more. 

The MTV-inaugurated Tricon Award this year for artists who are recognized for their accomplishments across three disciplines. “This inaugural award is in recognition of her (Lady Gaga’s) talents as a global music superstar, award-winning actor, and undisputed fashion icon. MTV looks forward to continuing the legacy of recognizing great performers” they said in a statement.

Supermodel Bella Hadid introduced the ‘Rain On Me’ singer onto the virtual stage to receive the award, stating “You can’t just call her a triple threat.” Gaga accepted the award donned in a silver over-the-top dress with matching mask and headpiece. “I’ve been making music since I was a little girl and even though I had really, really big dreams, I truly never could have imagined that someday I would be given an award like this that honored me for so many of my passions,” she said in her acceptance speech. 

She shared the award with the people at home who she believes to be their own form of Tricon. “A renaissance is coming, and the wrath of pop culture will inspire you, and the rage of art will empower you,” she addressed while giving hope to all the people amidst the on-going global crisis.

Apart from the Tricon Award, Gaga won big with four awards including the Artist of The Year. VMA’s marks the performance debut of any songs from her latest album Chromatica released in May this year. She performed a medley of her songs “Stupid Love”, “Rain On Me” with Ariana Grande, and “911”. 

The multifaceted popstar has excelled in every venture she took upon herself since her debut in 2008 with the single “Just Dance” and her hit album “Fame”. The nine-time Grammy award-winning singer also bagged an Oscar for her contribution in the movie “A Star Is Born”, and was also nominated for Best Actress award for the same. She has several Golden Globe wins and Emmy Nominations under her kitty too. 

Gaga is also popular for her avant-garde outfits. From her iconic meat dress at the 2010 VMA’s to her four-in-one Pink gown worn at the MET Gala, she always stands out with her consistent bold fashion statements. 

Apart from her domination in the fashion and entertainment world, Lady Gaga uses her platform for activism as well. She co-founded Born This Way Foundation with her mother Cynthia Germanotta that focuses on youth empowerment, anti-bullying, and mentoring. She is also a strong voice for the LGBTQ+ community and has contributed greatly over the years. 




Feature Image Via Hello Magazine.

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