FTS’ Quest Releases Laid-Back Single ‘Kaafi Dino Se’

Hip hop collective Frequency Time Space member, Quest (a.k.a Jatin Tambe), released a new single Kaafi Dino Se, touching upon a lot of moods and mixed emotions in the lockdown. We had a little chai and chat with the 21-year-old artist, asking him about this introspection and idea behind this track, different from anything he’s released before. 

Artwork by Yash Makwana (@muse.artem)

When asked about what he was feeling when he wrote this track, Quest said, “I wrote this for some peace of mind at a point in time where I had lost all sense of ‘life’ as such, and I was away from a lot of things. So I just had this phrase in my mind – Kaafi Dino Se.”

Life. It gets to you. For Quest, everything else he was feeling at that time only added to this single. When he first approached his songwriting process, nothing was making sense. Lost and confined within the four walls of his house, Quest found himself growing comfortable in his skin, finding the confidence he needed to start working on himself again. It is safe to say that the lockdown hasn’t been all blues for him.

Songwriting has definitely been on the up for Quest since he has had more time on his hands, with not having to hustle between college and work anymore. “It’s definitely, most definitely for the better. I’ve changed the way I approached things and music. I’ve started experimenting [with]writing more honest pieces which inspire me as such, rather than being concerned about what or how people might perceive me. I kind of found myself again as an artist due to the lockdown. I could introspect and sit with a lot of thoughts, actually let them come out, and hone them into songs which tell a story.”

Well, he wasn’t kidding! Quest has penned down around 50 tracks worth of material, enough for three projects, including songs he’s produced, and done vocals on himself. But like every budding creative mind, he’s discarded a lot of it! “I actually made an EP which I scrapped also. After that, I linked up with Sammad, a Delhi-based rapper who I met through SoundCloud, and we made an EP which is on the way. It was made mostly during quarantine.”

Photo by Anurag Sharma

When it comes to genres, Quest likes to go with the flow. He started off with hip hop, and that journey has been a constant evolution for him. Hip hop and rap are his foundation, but he keeps an open mind as far as possible, drawing inspiration from everything he enjoys in other genres. Looking at the bigger picture with Quest, we can expect to see music coming from all directions – be it solo or with FTS. Crew members Nuke, Specter, and RaySon4 7 are all working on interesting projects, Tienas included. As a collective too, they’ve got something in the works which should be coming out by the end of this year. 

Listen to Quest’s April 2020 EP ‘Thoughts I have while I zZz’


We also asked him what he’s been listening to lately, “I have been listening to Briston Marooney, Tame Impala, 6lack, Biggie, Boon, GZA, Big Sean, Drake, Russ, Kendrick then a lot of independent music from YouTube pages such as Time Ho Toh Sun Lena – which features artists such as Tamashbeens, Shajie (who is my favourite) and Rao Hamza Hayat. My day also consists of listening to our own songs and ones from the scene.”

We’re curious to know what Quest’s gonna cook up next.

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Feature image via Anurag Sharma


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