Pathetic Disillusion’s New Single ‘Messenger From the West’

Pathetic Disillusion – a quintet from Kolkata, released their single Messenger from the West last month. Among the few metal releases from across the country over the past few months, the song is a blend of the band’s influences in modern metal and metalcore. 

The new single from Pathetic Disillusion reminded me of Textures when I gave it a listen the first time, but maybe that’s just me. I also noticed a lot of drummer buddies of the band’s drummer Sourav gave their one-minute reviews on how they really liked the track a few days before it was released. Seemingly influenced by artists like The Contortionist, TesseracT, and Monuments, the clean vocals through this 4-minute journey are what really drive the track, up until the raga that ends the song. This is a style of music enjoyed by a lot of modern metal fans across the world. The wide, and open growls filling the gaps and choruses are fitting. 

What’s the song about? The concept is based in a dystopian future, where humanity has met all ends and destroyed the planet that let it flourish. The earth, a barren wasteland, is burned down to ashes, and a single messenger or priest from the west makes his way, praying for our sins in their physical manifestation, to be washed away with rain. All this, in the hope of a new beginning and a rebirth for humanity. As the band puts it, the song narrates the story of salvation, to bring humanity back to its pure self. The artwork also seems to have a very dark vibe to it, with a dried-up tree, what looks like quite the eastern / Indian baba, and a design resembling a sigil, like Sigillum Dei Aemeth, but with much lesser detail. Sorry if I dug too deep into that! 

Pathetic Disillusion started off as a band in 2013, they’d taken to a more modern progressive/djent sound as compared to other bands in Kolkata at the time. The band is Debarghya Pathak and Anwesh Maitra on guitars, Rounak Dhirwani on bass, Sourav Das on drums, and vocalists Aakash Bhattacharya (growls) and Arindam Chakraborty (cleans). They are fond of playing around with time signatures, polymeters, and even incorporate songwriting melodies from Indian classical ragas, as you can clearly see in this track. Messenger from the West is from their upcoming album Cycle of Humanity. 


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