TF Picks: Fresh Music Releases You Can’t Miss (#8)

With so much new music coming out everyday, we thought we’d help you pick up a few fresh music releases from the last week that you shouldn’t miss. We have compiled a list of music from various styles, genre no bar. Keep watching this space for your weekly dose of fresh music!

Charli XCX – Good Ones [Single]

Charli XCX is back after her 2020 album ‘How I’m Feeling Now’. Dripping with a vintage 80’s synth-heavy mid-tempo yet danceable vibe, while leaning towards a more mainstream modern pop sound, her latest release ‘Good Ones’ is the first single out of her upcoming March 2022 album. The song speaks of her inability to hold on to healthy relationships and being drawn to the dysfunctional and toxic ones. This is portrayed symbolically in the accompanying music video which shows the pop-star mourning at the funeral of a loved one, along with some sassy dancers and vibrant moves, of course.

Eddie Vedder – Long Way [Single]

Story teller extraordinaire and volatile vocalist of legendary Seattle band Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder has released the single ‘Long Way’ from his upcoming album ‘Earthling’, which doesn’t have a release date set yet. This will be his first full-length solo album after 10 years, the last one being ‘Ukulele Songs’ in 2011. Musically, the song is reminiscent of the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers sound, with the distinct warm vocal timbre that is Vedder’s signature. The song is decorated with organs, a screaming guitar solo and some melodic guitar licks in the outro. Due for release soon (we hope), ‘Earthling’ is Eddie Vedder’s first collaboration with the Producer of the Year at the 2021 GRAMMY Awards – Andrew Watt.

Tsumyoki x Kidd Mange – Way Too Messy [EP]


Young, talented rappers from the party paradise of India – Goa, Tsumyoki and Kidd Mange teamed up and released ‘Way Too Messy’, a 5-song EP through Indian hip-hop label Gully Gang. The EP, which is sonically on-trend with modern 808-heavy beats, kicks off with the title track, which shows both Tsumyoki and Kidd Mange making a rather large mess while attempting to seemingly cook, spitting some mean bars while they do it. This song is produced by DreddAf and Karan Kanchan. The latter regularly collaborates with various Gully Gang artists and is a part of dubstep act Neckwreck Crew. Other songs on the EP are – ‘All Black Trap Trap 2’, ‘Pao Wala’, ‘No Games’ and ‘Commentz’.

Glass Animals – I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance) [Single]

British indie-pop band Glass Animals have released their first song since 2020, a hopeful-sounding ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)’, after their massive hit ‘Heat Waves’ which had crossed over a billion streams worldwide. Sweet rhythmic bass-lines and uplifting synths create a warm positive energetic feeling, while the accompanying video sees the band’s front-man Dave Bayley going around with a boombox playing music to strangers and passers-by in different settings, indoor and out, enthusing them to dance. Bayley intends for people to switch off all their devices, forget life’s stresses and for a moment have an optimistic release.

Ari Lennox – Pressure [Single]

Quick-rising sensational R&B singer Ari Lennox is kicking it old-school with her new single ‘Pressure’. The song is produced and co-written by the veteran group of producers – Ocean Boys – namely Jermaine Dupri (Usher, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Ludacris, etc.), Bryan-Michael Cox (Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Justin Bieber, Drake), and Johnta Austin, who’ve been co-writing for artists since the 1990’s. Combining forces with Lennox, they’ve reached a sound which is a comfortable consensus between traditional R&B coupled up with ‘phat’ trap 808 sub bass energy. The glamorous video adds to the feel, presenting some sensual imagery and dance moves, thematically in keeping with the song’s theme – foreplay.

Mastodon – Pushing The Tides [Single]

The first single from their 9th upcoming studio album, slated for a Halloween October 29th release – ‘Hushed and Grim’, American metal band Mastodon dropped ‘Pushing The Tides’. This will be the band’s first double-album with 15 tracks in total. Their previous album from 2017 – ‘Emperor of Sand’ received the GRAMMY Award that year for Best Rock Album. ‘Pushing The Tides’ gives us Mastodon’s ever-evolving sound which still maintains shades of trademark or foundation elements they’re known for – the wall of guitars and bass, running drum lines with thunder-bursting single-stroke fills and looming vocals. To that, it adds a sing-y chorus delivered by multi-faceted drummer Brann Dailor, making them one of the few bands in which all members are capable of holding their own on the microphone while playing their respective instruments.

Adeline – Adi Oasis [EP]

Dabbling around jazzy vocals powered with some strong soul roots and laid-back funk grooves and instrument lines, ‘Adi Oasis’ is an extremely involving 7-song EP from the multi-talented French-Caribbean songwriter Adeline (pronounced “Ad-uh-leen”, as she stresses on her Instagram). The singer, bassist and model, who used to be part of legendary indie-disco band Escort, has laid down some great bass runs, while delivering the most serene vocals as well. The first song ‘Stages’, featuring Brooklyn-based rapper and singer KAMAUU, has a sleazy bass line and a low-tempo groove, incorporated on some more songs throughout the EP. Another song ‘Maintain’ carries more of an upbeat funk morning gym workout or a do-something sort of pulse, and the closing song ‘Eternity’, featuring rapper and singer Joshua J, revolves more along the lines of modern synth-pop.

Eskimo Callboy – WE GOT THE MOVES [Single]

With a viral summer 2020 release – ‘Hypa Hypa’, that got a mixed but overall smashing response, synth-core band Eskimo Callboy have dropped a new dance-meets-metal single ‘WE GOT THE MOVES’. A catchy chorus, arena-friendly “Oh-Oh-Ohhs”, up-tempo drums, Rammstein-style chug-heavy riffing, hardstyle synths, intense growled vocals and yes, even a borderline metal-core breakdown somewhere in there, it’s really hard to understand how the band wrapped their heads around such a wide slew on influences and combined them to create an extremely well-produced final product. You will either find yourself grooving in appreciation, or at the extreme other end, completely loathing this fusion of styles. Check it out for yourself and find out!

Ed Sheeran – Shivers [Single]

Attempting to revisit the commercial pop bracket he created with the ear-worm ‘Shape of You’, Ed Sheeran released a feel-good clap-along song called ‘Shivers’, the second single out from his upcoming album ‘=’ (Equals). The clap groove is a constant and retains the upbeat energy throughout the song, keeping the same pulse going through the harmonised bridge. Sheeran delivers consistently well-produced music which always works with vast audiences because of its catchy simplicity, tight song-writing and commendable vocal composition. This is probably going to be one of those songs which will catch on really well on TikTok and Instagram Reels. On-trend.

Chlöe – Have Mercy [Single]

A ballistic debut single to say the least, Chlöe’s release ‘Have Mercy’ is the first ever time she has ventured as a solo artist, after previously working on songs with her sister Halle Bailey as part of the duo Chloe x Halle. The sisters rose to stardom when Beyoncé discovered them covering her song ‘Pretty Hurts’. Those kids grew up and one of them namely the now 23-year old Chlöe, in the ‘Have Mercy’ music video, plays the role of a modern-day Medusa who lures lust-hungry college boys into a sorority house, hypnotises them with her seductive charms and eventually turns them into stone statue keepsakes for herself, while the police and news channels are seen frantically looking for a missing young man.

Hot Milk – I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I’m Dead [EP]

Rising quickly to popularity and take no time off whatsoever, power pop band Hot Milk released a 5-track EP called ‘I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I’m Dead’. This is their second EP after ‘Are You Feeling Alive?’ from just a few months ago on 3rd May, 2021. From a sonic standpoint, the band combines the use of heavy guitar riffs, overdriven bass guitar, hardcore or punk rock drums with poppy choruses and uplifting positive messages. The lyrical content speaks openly about mental health scenarios and empathises with listeners on an emotional level, inspiring positivity. The dual vocal setup and delivery of both Han Mee and Jim Shaw do absolute justice to their message.

We’ll be back next week with more interesting recommendations for you to listen and / or groove to!

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