Star Trek Fans Worldwide Deprived of Latest Series

The latest Star Trek shows – the first season Star Trek: Prodigy and the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery – will be streaming only on Paramount+, posing a problem for fans globally due to the platform’s unavailability in many countries.

Paramount+ is currently only available in Australia, Canada, Latin America, Scandinavia, the US, and as a pay-TV channel in the Middle East. All territories outside have no access to the shows at all, unless they choose to watch it using some free site, or pirate it off Torrents.

In a statement on social media, the franchise announced that Discovery will be streaming exclusively on Paramount+ literally two days before (on November 17) the launch of Discovery‘s fourth season on November 19, leaving fans angry! Here’s what Star Trek’s statement was:

Fans across were disappointed at the franchise’s decision to do this. They expressed their disappointment with the decision to launch exclusively in the USA on 18 November, and Canada (via Crave) on 19 November of 2021. For select international viewers, the series will not be available until January of 2022, when Paramount+ will set to ‘expand globally’.  Here are some of the responses they received on social media:

All responses are screenshots from Star Trek’s official Instagram page.

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Following the hate sent their way, Star Trek decided to release another statement four days ago (25th November), telling fans that their voices were heard:

But I guess all it was, was heard. They will still do what they planned to, and this could be a grave mistake they’ve made with international audiences who have been following the series for decades. Maybe it comes from the confidence the franchise has in the show’s fans, but they will lose of on any revenue through Paramount+, because in reality, everyone’s going to watch it on a free site immediately after the release.

The problem fans have outside countries that have Paramount+ is not only about limiting the show to that platform, but not having the platform available in countries that have a huge following. What about the spoilers we’d have to face every week if we’re not from the US or Paramount+ regions?

Oh, you bet, Captain Philippa Georgiou!

For India, it all started with us noticing the unavailability of Star Trek: Short Treks, which sketched out more details about characters from Discovery itself. Short Treks was available in the bonus video section on Netflix in some countries, but not in India. On searching for other shows from the franchise, the availability of the new animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks was spotted on Prime Video, but no other shows were there. Older movies and series from the Prime Timeline continue to stream on Netflix in India, and other parts of the world.

Star Trek: Prodigy has been produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio and CBS’ Eye Animation Production, and is a Paramount+ Original. As of today, (30th November 2021), there are five released episodes of the show, each at a 24-minute runtime. With Star Trek: Discovery, CBS and Alex Kurtzman started a new wave of Star Trek series, taking advantage of technology and VFX to portray a more realistic experience. There are currently two episodes of Discovery released so far.

With the promise made in public, fans are expecting to find either the platform available in their countries sooner, or for the franchise to take a decision on getting the shows to existing platforms. The latter seems a little tougher, but fans will be watching and waiting! Watch trailers for each of these shows:

Star Trek: Discovery | Season 4 Official Trailer | Paramount+

Star Trek Prodigy | Official Trailer | Paramount+

If you’re outside India, these links should help you watch both shows:

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 on Paramount+

Star Trek: Prodigy on Paramount+


Feature images courtesy Viacom CBS, Paramount+ and NickAlive.

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