The History of New Zealand Drum & Bass Podcast

New Zealand’s love affair with Drum & Bass has practically ran in parallel with United Kingdom’s history with the genre. Drum & Bass as an aesthetic came to life in 1992 and it quickly infected the Kiwi nation by the mid 90s.

Over the years, we have seen artists like State of Mind, DJ Presha, The Upbeats, Tiki Taane, Squarepushers, Concord Dawn, Tokyo Prose, Bulletproof, Trei, Paige Julia, MC Tali and many more champion the country’s rich Drum & Bass scene. While the musical side of the New Zealand’s Drum & Bass has always been on par with United Kingdom’s, the live and the festival side of Drum & Bass in NZ goes above and beyond with festivals like Northern Bass, Welcome To The Jungle, that are among the best events the DnB scene as a whole has on offer.

In fact, New Zealand was arguably the only country in the world that reported zero COVID cases in December 2020 and it hosted some of the biggest names in Drum & Bass for full size festivals. Fast forward 2022, Andy C is all set to take his famous ‘Nightlife’ series to New Zealand for a 4-city tour which will begin next week.

But for a country that has had such a big influence on the scene, where and when did it all start for them? Ticket Fairy is answering this question with ‘The History of New Zealand Drum & Bass Podcast’, which is all set to kick off its second season on 11th January. The podcast will dissect the genre’s history piece-by-piece through interviews with the artists who built the scene, and the artists from the UK who witnessed its rise.

Spanning from 1995 to present day ‘The History of New Zealand Drum & Bass Podcast’ will dive deep into the Kiwi DnB history files via conversations with the Producers, DJ’s, MC’s & promoters who laid the foundations for Drum & Bass in New Zealand, through conversations with the current era of New Zealand Drum & Bass flag bearers.

The first season has already seen the likes of DBridge, Presha, Tiki Taane, Concord Dawn, State Of Mind, MC Tali, Stamina MC, Camo MC, Trei, and Bulletproof make appearances on the podcast and sharing their experiences of their time with the genre in the country.

Listen to s01 ep01 of  ‘The History of New Zealand Drum & Bass Podcast’ below:



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