TF Picks: Fresh Music Releases You Can’t Miss (#26)

With so much new music coming out every day, we thought we’d help you pick up a few fresh music releases from the last week that you shouldn’t miss. We have compiled a list of music from various styles, genre no bar. Keep watching this space for your weekly dose of fresh music!

Underoath – Voyeurist [Album]

A completely evolved sound as compared to their extreme 1999 debut album ‘Act of Depression’, Underoath’s latest album ‘Voyeurist’ sees the use of ambient textures, clean sung harmonizing melodies coupled with intense screaming vocals and patented heavy riffing bonded together with a groove-centric rhythm section. Self-produced by the band, a first for them, this album is as cohesive as it gets where the sound and the lyrical themes are concerned, tied together with an ambient break in the form of the 6th track ‘(No Oasis)’, the groovy heaviness resumes immediately after with ‘Take A Breath’. Other notable songs are ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Cycle’ (ft. Ghostemane), ‘Numb’ and ‘We’re All Gonna Die’, although we do recommend going through the album in the prescribed order. Overall, it’s raw, honest and unadulterated.

Jack White – Love Is Selfish [Single]

Jack White drops the first single ‘Love Is Selfish’ from his 2nd upcoming album of 2022, ‘Entering Heaven Alive’, slated to launch in July. A nice sit-by-the-fireplace vibe, as stripped down as it can get, elementally, mainly just the plucked acoustic guitars and Jack White’s soft-spoken Bob Dylan meets George Harrison vocal demeanor, ‘Love Is Selfish’ is the second recent release, following his October release ‘Taking Me Back’ from his 1st upcoming album of 2022 – ‘Fear Of The Dawn’ – set to launch on the 8th of April. Both songs are sonically poles-apart and so are the inspirations, themes and moods of the 2 upcoming albums, not very far apart, in April and July. We’re only looking forward.

Girish and The Chronicles – Hail To The Heroes [Single]

Known for his angelic anthemic voice, one of India’s most prominent voices of rock ‘n’ roll, Girish Pradhan shines through in the latest single from Girish and The Chronicles – ‘Hail To The Heroes’. Perfectly produced for their genre, that fat 80’s snare drum sound sits just right in the middle of highly driven yet smooth sounding wall of guitars and some steadfast work on the bass guitar, complimenting the guitars and the drums perfectly well. If you like bands such as Whitesnake, Van Halen, Journey and the like, then Girish and The Chronicles is your modern answer to the evolution of that glam rock meets heavy metal sound, adding on-point production, glorious choruses and tight songwriting.

Muse – Won’t Stand Down [Single]

British 3-piece powerhouse Muse dropped a new single ‘Won’t Stand Down’. It’s great to hear them go heavier than usual and re-explore their distorted roots, sounding slightly like their 2003 album ‘Absolution’, further adding a slightly modern metal touch with a couple of slowed-down breakdowns and sparingly-used syncopated double-bass with what’s clearly metal riffing from eccentric front-man Matthew Bellamy. However, they have maintained their newer commercial pop sound in the verses. The shift to the first chorus is quite surprising, because of the sudden riff that ensues and changes the dynamic of the song completely. Looking forward to more innovation from the UK trio soon.

Sledgren, Wiz Khalifa & Larry June – Chill With Me [Single]

When there’s Wiz Khalifa in a song name, you know there’s going to be clouds of  smoke and a party-till-you-drop atmosphere! And that’s what the song and the accompanying video for ‘Chill With Me’ are all about. The producer Sledgren maintains a lowkey old-school vibe with some of the melody layers in the beat, that leave you reminiscing the glory days of Dr. Dre, but mashes it up with that modern sub-heavy 808 trap bass that rumbles them subwoofers. To add a layer of icing on top, the catchy and slightly auto-tuned hook, sung by Larry June will certainly make you want to spark what you are smoking and crack a cold one!


Since Ben Rolo started making Drum & Bass, he has only dealt in one business and that is, delivering soul-stirring Drum & Bass numbers and his latest EP on Bay 6 Recordings attests the fact the beautiful Drum & Bass making business is only getting stronger. From the producer’s ‘Distant Notion’ EP, our pick is the vocal laden journey of ‘Black Hole’ featuring Fullalove and Lauren Walton.


The masters of delicate melodies and feathery textures, Tinlicker are back with a tune and the hype is real. Part of their ‘In Another Lifetime’ album which lands next month on Anjunadeep, ‘Just To Hear You Say’ is another page from the duo’s lush soundscapes playbook and it’s their third album tune after ‘Be Here and Now’ and ‘You Take My Hand’. Catchy vocal hooks and bright synth melodies over their trademark washy drums. Just the thing we need on a cold winter day.


Known for his trailblazing and outlandish song writing, Jam Baxter is one of the UK’s most exciting acts. Part of his forthcoming album on Blah Records, ‘Flickers On The Fourth Floor’ brings his style of complex and intense lyricism on the table with Sammy B-Side acing the beat work side of things.


Bristol-based record label Banoffee Pies Records are kicking off their year with a solo EP from Australian producer Pugilist. Part of his Static EP which will be out next month, our pick is ‘De?ja? Vu‘ which evokes the frequent mood changes and feelings of relative isolations that we experienced in the last 2 years during the pandemic.


The absolute overlord of emotional Dubstep music, Seven Lions is back with a tune on his Ophelia Records. Long intros followed by heavy and transportive drops are finally back. Less we talk about it the better. Just sit back and enjoy.

We’ll be back next week with more interesting recommendations for you to listen to and/or groove to!


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