TF Daily Drop: I Don’t Care by Salo and Chimpo

Today’s pick is I Don’t Care by Salo and Chimpo. Listen Now!

I Don’t Care is a mellifluous tune that enhances our daily lives. With sparkling mallets accompanied by muted guitars and piano organ, it sets the perfect tone for Salo’s luscious vocals. With its classic DNB groove, this track is the epitome of pure minimalism. A slow trumpet line towards the end by WRONG brings us closer to tranquility.

 Chimpo represents the UK’s music heritage. He includes all the genres and influences from the UK into his legendary DJ sets. It is evident in his work that he comes from a long line of musical innovators. The DJ is nothing if not versatile, his music includes drum & bass, grime, hip hop, dancehall, dubstep, and more.

With his productions, DJ sets, and vocal excursions, he has been recognized as an influence on newer artists from many different genres, and is widely recognized as a pioneer and innovator in his field. Collaborations with Zed Bias, Calibre, Dub Phizix, Skeptical, Big Narstie, and Footsie & Trigga further validate his authenticity. Furthermore, he has released music with Exit Records, Metalheadz, Critical, Sidestepper and Soul;r, all large, influential, respected labels for underground dance music.

The multi-talented Salo can sing, play the piano with ease and blend some serious heat all in one day. Recent years have seen her making some big moves in the jungle flava scene. She has also gained attention outside of the DnB scene with her vocals on Bassboy’s chill out UKG track ‘Through Your Mind’ and her release ‘With Me’.

Start your day with ease by listening to this track.

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