TF Daily Feed: 6,300 Barrels of Oil Spilled in Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest

A crude oil pipeline burst in Ecuador caused a major oil spill in the country’s Amazon rainforest.

This pipeline burst occurred due to a recent landslide. The OCP Ecuador, responsible for transporting barrels of crude oil, claimed that around 6,300 barrels of oil leaked into a natural reserve in Ecuador’s part of the Amazon rainforest.

OCP Ecuador states it has successfully transported 855 million barrels for more than fifteen years, as per their website. This resulting oil spill has severely impacted the environmental reserve and the ecosystem in the region. Areas contaminated include about 21,000 square meters of the Cayambe-Coca National Park as well as the Coca River. The National park is home to several endangered species. The Coca River is one of the biggest rivers in the Ecuadorian Amazon and functions as a water source for many communities that live by the riverside. OCP president Jorge Vugdelija said that the company was using people and machines to “collect traces of crude found in the river.” 

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENIAE) said on Twitter, “We demand to know the number of barrels spilled and what the process of delivery of water and food will be for the communities.” Check out the video of this leak as covered on their official Instagram by news and media website CONAIE Ecuador by clicking here.

This is the second such disaster to take place in this region in recent times. In April 2020, caused by a similar pipeline ruptures oil spilled into the Napo and Coca rivers yielding great discomfort to the locals. More than 15,000 gallons spilled into the rivers. Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio also voice his opinion on ending the oil industry in the Amazon via Twitter on multiple occasions.


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Feature Image Via Deccan Herald.

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