Tropical House Songs to Play to Your Valentine

We’ve hit the season of love! And naturally, it’s the time of the year to make your feelings known to the person you love, or spend some quality time with your significant other. It’s February and you don’t need telling when the big day is coming up.

You’re going to plan it all out to almost-perfect status. The time, the place, the outfit to match, and glorious food to pair with the events of the evening. But you’re missing that x-factor, that je ne sais quoi… Music!

Now, take it from us – finding one genre to set the right mood isn’t going to be as easy as you might think. You’re playing a careful game of not too little, or too much. And that is where *drumroll* Tropical House walks in.

Whether you’re going for an easy-going night in, or an elaborately executed date to remember, here are ten Tropical House tracks that will almost certainly fit the bill. Dive in!

High And Low by Sam Feldt ft. Joshua Radin



Sam Feldt is a magician of zesty soundscapes and this track perfectly epitomizes that. ‘High and Low’ is an upbeat listen, with shimmering production by the maestro, laced with Joshua Radin‘s comfortingly husky vocals. Pair this track with the end of your dinner for an instant uplift, and a possible cutesy dance together. You’ve got a winner!

Oasis by Kygo & Foxes



Another upbeat track to add to your queue is ‘Oasis’ by Tropical House veteran, Kygo. The track was written by Sia, with rich and powerful vocals by English singer/songwriter Foxes. There’s a good chance your date’s probably heard this one before, so don’t be surprised to hear them sing-mutter “You’re my oaaasis” from time to time. Karaoke for your next date? Yes please!

Inside the Lines By Mike Perry Ft. Casso



Tropical House drops have a way into your heart. ‘Inside The Lines’ is another hit from Mike Perry, that features lush vocals by Swedish singer/songwriter Cassandra Casso, aka Casso. This one hits especially deep if the one you’re playing it to has been with you through thick and thin. Queue the tears (after you’ve made sure their face-do is waterproof, of course)!

Rich Love By OneRepublic & Seeb



OneRepublic on vocals for this one, ’nuff said!

‘Rich Love’, though, is a beauty. If you and your date love tuning in to the lyrics of songs you listen to together, you’re in for a treat! “Broke as a bottle of wine, But drink with you all damn night, Cause if we don’t find money, Then what we got honey is just enough.” ‘Rich Love’ is a perfect celebratory track, one you could reminisce to and make new memories to.

Your Soul (Holding On) by RHODES & Felix Jaehn



Eye contact, this track and the right timing could have you and your date dancing extra close. ‘Your Soul’ is a smooth listen that picks up exactly when you want it to, and packs sleek grooves throughout. It’s bound to shine from your selection, and could easily go on to become ‘your song’. Timeless and shimmery, with a wholesome message. Thank you, RHODES and Felix, thank you!

Gonna Love Ya By Avicii



Avicii’s music is forever.

‘Gonna Love Ya’ is an extremely earworm-y track, with both production and melodies that you won’t soon forget. Avicii centered the vocals on this one, so it won’t be something you want to play while you have a heart-to-heart. When you’ve said just enough and the air is heavy with new feelings, drop this groovy tune and let it do the talking for you.

Rivers By Thomas Jack ft. nico & Vinz



“We’re like rivers in the night, I go left and you go right”, if that isn’t every relationship ever! ‘Rivers’ is a dancey number that once again, has vocals that shine through, but masterfully cut off on the groovier parts of the track. It’s a perfect pick for a date with someone familiar, but far from the same as you. We’ll let you decide though, so go on and give it a listen!

Polaroid By Jonas Blue, Liam Payne & Lennon Stella



Liam Payne and Lennon Stella are a duet for the ages! ‘Polaroid’ is a dance number for sure, with extremely catchy melodies laid over Jonas Blue‘s signature instrumentation. We can already imagine the syncopation on this one leading to either one of you forcing the other to get up and dance. A knock out the park and an instant replay, save this track for your next date together to maximize recall value!

Lasting Lover By Sigala & James Arthur



If there isn’t already a James Arthur track on your playlist, we’ve got you covered! ‘Lasting Lover’ is bound to be a favorite; Sigala has masterfully laced Arthur’s vocals with boss-level production, amping up where need be and pulling back to let Arthur’s signature crooning shine through. ‘Lasting Lover’ is an uplifting listen, and just like most of the others on this list, will most certainly have you dancing. Or tapping your feet, at least, if you’ve got the ‘two left’ kind!

Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

We have to end this list with a Tropical House classic! ‘I See Fire’ was originally created for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug by none other than Ed Sheeran himself. It got a sweet, sweet remix by Kygo, 8 years ago, and still gets a massive number of plays daily! ‘I See Fire’ is THE ideal, most unproblematic way to end your night. Bonus points for a glass of wine each. Bonus x2 points for LOTR fans!

Now, playlist in-hand, plans made, and nerves (hopefully) calmed, you are ready! Go on, make some memories and fall in continuous love! It is, of course, the season!

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