AL/SO Drops Two Thumping Tunes on Boomslang Recs

A producer, DJ, label owner and a promoter; Dutch drum & bass wizard Elmar van Eijk is a man who dons a multitude of critical roles, acing them with precision.

With a background stooped heavily within the worlds of rock, metal and hardcore, AL/SO has mastered the art of consistently delivering the hard-hitting sounds of drum & bass with perfection. After years of racking up an impressive back catalogue, including at his home Korsakov Music, the Dutchman’s forthcoming two-tracker with Impex also stands as another defining point in the career of AL/SO.

It comes in the wake of his debut solo EP on Korsakov, ‘Toaster Bath,’ whilst kicking starting the New Year on a label that pays homage to the music he premieres in his raucous DJ sets – whether that be in Rotterdam or in Prague at super-sized events.

Having already brought through several cutthroat releases, from the likes of Heist, NC-17, Transforma and Jaybee, Boomslang Recordings is close to unleashing yet more sonic weapons on its widespread audience. Established in 2016, the imprint now welcomes AL/SO back into the mix alongside Impex, with the Texas-based imprint demonstrating why their back catalogue does some of the most damage within club spaces.

Focusing on entirely underground sounds, Impex and AL/SO continue the label’s growing dominance within the darker waters of drum & bass through their forthcoming collaboration ‘Epic / House Party’.

‘Epic’ is the first of two tracks, pulling you into a false sense of security and building into thumping bass pads, whilst taking you down into its subterranean levels. Its initial drop grabs you unaware, and its dancefloor prowess jumps at you from each of its layers.

On the reverse comes ‘House Party’, which goes straight for the jugular. Swaying quickly between each of its well-horned grooves, it’s driving bassline pummels you as it becomes more and more overbearing. The single is an explosive offering forthcoming from the pair, proving that Boomslang aren’t pulling the brakes for 2022. And it further demonstrates that there’s even more to come from both parties as the year progresses.



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